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Aug 22, 201204:36 PM

Cheat Sheet: August 22, 2012

Air Force regulates tattoo sizes, religious proselytizing

Days before Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Norton Schwartz retired, a document was issued dictating U.S. airmen’s conduct. The document includes regulations involving tattoo size and flag handling etiquette. Additionally, the document condemns religious proselytizing by Air Force leaders. As expected, the document has upset many First Amendment supporters of freedom of religion and speech. (Source)

Afghan war claims 2,000 Americans

For nearly 11 years, American forces have been fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in the Middle East. An analysis released by the New York Times of Department of Defense reveals that 2,000 Americans have died in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the first nine years of the war, the count was 1,000. In the last two years, the death toll accumulated another 1,000 troops. The recent deaths are attributed to President Obama’s decision to send an additional 33,000 troops to Afghanistan in 2010. (Source)

Dollar Tree to accept coupons

Dollar Tree’s motto is “Everything is a dollar” but it looks like it might need to be updated now that it will be accepting coupons. The low-cost retailer will begin accepting coupons on Sunday, August 26. Many rules accompany the new policy, including only one manufacture’s coupon will be accepted per item, coupons for “free” items with no purchase requirements will not be accepted and coupons cannot be redeemed for more than the purchase price of the item. A full list of guidelines is available online. (Source)

U.S. home sales up for July

The housing market is making a slow recovery. Americans bought more homes in July than in June. The increase is up 2.3 percent and is the first increase in three months. However, sales for July were still below the 4.6 million pace reached in April and May, and the annual sales pace is below the 5.5 million that economists consider healthy. (Source) 

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