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Aug 21, 201204:28 PM

Cheat Sheet: August 21, 2012

Norfolk eagles to be moved

Bald eagles nesting at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens will be relocated following a decision made by Norfolk’s City Council. The three nests are situated not far from the Norfolk International Airport, leading to concerns for both the safety of the birds and of the passengers aboard nearby planes. (Source)

Some Sentara doctors available for video diagnoses

In October, Virginia residents will be able to speak with physicians and receive diagnoses and prescriptions without ever leaving their computers. Sentara has partnered with a telehealth company, MDLIVE, to provide a video service that allows patients to discuss minor ailments with doctors without traveling to a physician’s office. While the service is expected to save time and money, some detractors believe that video chat could diminish the doctor-patient relationship. (Source)

Akin remains in Missouri Senate race

Defying Republican appeals to abandon the campaign, Representative Jim Akin has confirmed that he plans to remain the GOP contender in the Missouri Senate race. Facing criticism from both parties for stating that “legitimate” rape does not lead to pregnancy, Akin has released an ad apologizing for his words. Prior to Akin’s comment, the seat of Claire McCaskill, the incumbent Democrat, had been considered vulnerable. (Source)

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