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Jul 24, 201304:25 PM

Cheat Sheet: July 24, 2013

Snowden to leave airport

For over a month former NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower has been living in the transit area of the Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia, unable to leave because the United States has revoked his passport and he is waiting for a ruling on his plea for asylum. Now Snowden and his lawyer are waiting for a certificate announcing that his plea is under review; a paper which would grant Snowden the ability to leave the airport and enter Russia. The decision could take months, but when that is happening Snowden would be able to travel the country and even leave Russia, something he would need to legally be able to do if he hopes to find asylum in other countries in Latin America who have granted an ear to his pleas but he would have to travel to the country. (Source)

NSA to fund weather changing research

Though the specific reason as to why the National Security Agency is involved with the National Academy of Sciences and NASA to research geoengineering techniques to combat global warming, the partial funding of the $630,000 study is clear. The research is in finding ways to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere; ideas ranging from solar radiation management, which puts tiny, reflective particles in the atmosphere, to constructing structures which will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Though it would seem odd for the NSA to have a hand in this kind of research and their motives remain unclear (an unnerving feeling after information revealed by Edward Snowden), the small price tag leads experts to believe the research is for information only. (Source)

Norfolk attempts to attract teachers

Norfolk Public Schools held a job fair on Monday, attempting to fill over 200 vacancies, many of them in classrooms of Pre-K through 5th grade. Many issues involving the profession, including a new superintendent and new school board members, has added to the difficulties facing teachers in the classroom. Superintendent Samuel King, finishing his first year, has taken much of the blame surrounding the exodus of teachers and low-performing schools and provided solutions, such as increased training for teachers and leaders as well as converting low-performing schools into charter schools. For now, the district is doing all it can to attract highly qualified teachers to classrooms that desperately need the wisdom and experience they bring. (Source)

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