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Jul 22, 201312:52 PM

Cheat Sheet: July 20-21: Weekend Roundup

Highly toxic pesticide linked to schoolchildren deaths in India

Last week, we reported on a story out of India, where 23 schoolchildren died after eating contaminated food, leaving the Bihar Province in northern India distraught and asking questions. Now, some of those questions have been answered, as the district magistrate overseeing the investigation has released information pertaining to the contaminated food. The school-provided meal was covered with a concentrated pesticide, monocrotophos, from the cooking oil used to prepare the food, at levels, according to the report, of over five times the normal amount. It is suspected the cooking oil was kept in containers formally used to store the pesticide. Officials from Bihar province, a place still being rocked by protests, are continuing the search for the headmistress, who fled after the illnesses began. (Source)

Detroit files for bankruptcy

Detroit became the largest city to ever file for bankruptcy, citing population flight, mismanagement and ignoring fiscal responsibilities. The move seeks protection from creditors, to whom are owed billions of dollars. Both Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Emergency Manager Kevin Orr signed off on the decision, citing it as the only option to identify the deeply rooted issues facing the city and begin to find solutions. The plan has already faced opposition, as the city’s two major pension funds have already filed suits to save the billions in retirement funds for city employees are not part of the restructuring deal. It is still a long road ahead for the city, it’s debtors and other cities for which these proceedings will set a framework for filing bankruptcy and giving (or perhaps limiting) the options of municipalities attempting to navigate the continual debt crises facing the nation. (Source)

Driver survives plunge off bay bridge

Morgan Lake, a College of Southern Maryland student headed to Philadelphia to visit friends, took an untimely detour off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Friday night. Shortly after getting on the bridge, Lake was struck from behind by a tractor trailer, driven by Gabor Lovasz, which pushed her into the Jersey wall protecting the sides of the bridge. A second collision sent her over the side into the water 40 feet below. From there, as the water began pouring through the broken windshield, Lake decided that she was going to survive and swam to the surface. She then swam to either one of the pillars that supports the bridge or to a nearby jetty, several hundred yards away. There a nearby fisherman kept her company until rescue units could arrive. No charges are pending against the truck driver, but the investigation is ongoing. (Source)

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