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Jul 2, 201305:21 PM

Cheat Sheet: July 2, 2013

Snowden applies for asylum in 21 countries

The 30-year-old National Security Administration whistleblower has applied for asylum in over 21 countries, including China, India and countries in South America and Europe. However, many are reluctant to grant safe harbor to Snowden and risk tension with the United States. Indeed, India, Poland and the Netherlands have already declined Snowden’s request. Though President Vladimir Putin said he will not extradite Snowden to the U.S. the American cannot stay in Russia because he has not agreed to stop leaking top secret information. Other countries, such as China and Ecuador, remain open to Snowden, as Ecuador granted asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and China is still reeling from the tongue-lashing it took from the U.S. when Snowden was in Hong Kong. In the meantime Snowden remains in Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. (Source)

New car sales jump to pre-recession highs

Many of the top auto makers boast gains in sales in the first six months of 2013 today with others posting their profits on Thursday. Ford, Chrysler and General Motors all saw increases in sales, as well as Japanese and Korean car makers. The rise has been driven by larger-than-expected sales of pickup trucks and small, economy vehicles. Higher gas prices drove many consumers to choose more fuel efficient vehicles, such as the Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit and Hyundai Elantra. Prices for these vehicles rose between 10 to nearly 50 percent. Sales of pickup trucks also increased because small businesses look to revamp their aging fleets as the market for new homes has grown. (Source)

Talk of “Pt 2” has Virginia Beach officials on alert

In April of this year, a “College Beach Weekend” promotion at the oceanfront overcrowded bars, overran police and ended with three shootings, three stabbings and nearly 150 arrests. Facebook and twitter have been alive with a new flyer, boasting a “pt 2” at the end of July, but city officials have neither seen an increase in hotel/motel reservations indicative of a large population that weekend nor been able to communicate with the promoters, “The 2 Gun Crew.” Some, including Mayor Will Sessoms, believe there is not enough information to further a conversation, but the city will be ready for anything. Precautions are being made, with extra surveillance cameras down the oceanfront and more police officers.  With no other new information, there is not much city officials can do but monitor social media and prepare. (Source)

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