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Jan 23, 201305:10 PM

Cheat Sheet: January 23, 2013

Cameron promises Britain more freedom from European Union

British Prime Minister David Cameron has allegedly promised a referendum within the next five years that could make Britain independent from the European Union. The EU strives to become the largest integrated economy in the world, with 27 nations as its members, and is governed by open borders and common laws. French Foreign Minister has reportedly stated that Britain’s plan to become independent is “dangerous.” Currently the continent struggles with a crushing debt crisis, and Cameron states he wants “a better deal for Britain.” (Source)

Hillary Clinton defends handling of Benghazi attack

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed strong support for the Obama administration Wednesday at a Senate committee hearing in regards to last September’s Benghazi attack. During the meeting, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Tennessee said the security before the attack was “inexcusable” and said “had I been president at the time and I found you did not read the cables, I would have relieved you of your post.” Clinton took responsibility for the security failures that allegedly led to the attack. In two weeks Clinton will step down from her post as Secretary of State and will be replaced by Democratic Senator John Kerry. (Source)

Caretaker charged with wounding toddler

Kerneisha Adolphus, a 22-year-old caretaker, was charged by Portsmouth Police with aggravated malicious wounding after a toddler was injured Monday. Police were dispatched after a call about the child taking a fall, and the 3-year-old girl was transported to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters after they found her unresponsive. The caretaker was also in company of an unidentified man, and they both have taken care of the girl since December 2012. The biological mother now will return to Portsmouth after being out of state for the time. The toddler is currently in critical condition at CHKD. (Source)

CNU students report home invasion, robbery off campus

Three Christopher Newport University students reported being robbed at midnight on Wednesday. The two gunmen reportedly knocked on the door and demanded money from the students. One student claimed he was told to go into his room to get cash. Police spokesman Harold Eley said the authorities weren’t notified until an hour after the incident. Although three of the students have come forward to report the robbery, police said two others left before they arrived, and apparently were not robbed. At 4:14 a.m. CNU sent out an alert to its students about the residential robbery. An investigation is currently underway. (Source)

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