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Jan 18, 201304:29 PM

Cheat Sheet: January 18, 2013

House Republicans agree to vote on bill to raise debt limit for 3 months

With only one week left, the Senate is scrambling to make a decision about the bill that could determine how much money the United States is limited to borrow. They only have until April 15 to choose a budget. If an agreement between the Democrat and Republican houses isn't made in time, the bill could raise the debt ceiling for three months. While California Rep. Kevin McCarthy says they should pass a budget so the debt ceiling can move, Democrats are said to believe that a non-binding resolution is not necessary. (Source)

Teen charged in fatal crash on I-64

19-year-old Anesha Daniel from Henrico country is reportedly charged for a reckless driving stunt that is said to have caused a fatal crash on I-64 Friday. Troopers say the crash occurred at 5 a.m. in the westbound lanes when the woman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a guardrail. While she motioned for help, a 1999 Kenworth fully loaded tractor trailer was too late to stop, and crashed into her vehicle. The truck hit a third vehicle, a Buick, and pinned it to the guardrail. The male driver of the car was killed in the accident. (Source)

Israel’s controversial King Herod exhibition

Amist the many controversies between the Israeli and Palestinian territories, an archeological discovery may spark more. Artifacts devoted to King Herod, ruler of Jerusalem from 37–4 BC., were found in the Palestinian West Bank without permission by Palestine. The materials will be put on display in the National Museum of Israel. After the showing of the "Herod the Great" exhibition, the museum reportedly states they will return the materials to their original site in the West Bank. One of the materials found by the late Ehund Netzer was a legendary 25-m long tomb in the ancient winter palace Herodium. The museum continued to escavate the site after Netzer's death, and moved on with the plans for the exhibition. (Source)

Hidden GPS device leads police to alleged thief

After a series of break-ins at a time-share complex on Indian Fields Way in Williamsburg Plantation, 37-year-old Michael Joseph Morris was arrested for an alleged robbery of a 40-inch flat screen television. When the James City County police heard about the continuous robberies, they installed a small GPS device in the television, which led to his arrest. Police were able to track the man to his home on the 100 block of Raleigh Street. (Source)

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