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Feb 7, 201303:18 PM

HRM Cheat Sheet: February 7, 2013

Aircraft carrier presence diminished in Persian Gulf

Norfolk is feeling the strain of budget cuts as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has approved a plan to keep only one aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf instead of two. Both Norfolk-based carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Harry S. Truman have been stationed in the Gulf, but the Truman’s deployment to the Gulf this week has been canceled. This is just one of many possible defense adjustments that may be made in light of the looming sequestration cuts. (Source)

Manhunt launched in California for fired LAPD officer

California police are searching for a former Los Angeles police officer suspected in the murder of three people this weekend. Christopher Dorner was fired from the force in 2008 for making false statements. In an online posting, Dorner warned that he would target LAPD officers who had wronged him. Dorner opened fire on LAPD officers this morning in Riverside, CA, killing one and wounding another, and he is suspected in the murders of Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence in Irvine, CA, on Sunday. Quan is the daughter of a former LAPD officer who represented Dorner legally during the tribunal that dismissed him in 2008. Dorner’s police badge was found near the San Diego airport this morning. (Source)

Virginia Beach robbers convicted

Three robbers with prior felony records were sentenced to more than 10 years in jail this week for the robbery of a Virginia Beach motel last year. The men held up the Sundial Motel on 21st Street on April 24 of last year and were arrested after a car chase. The felons have prior convictions of burglary, larceny, assault and drug possession. A fourth suspect in the robbery will have a review hearing February 27. (Source)

Young fashionista commits suicide

Twenty-two-year-old Ashley Riggitano, a young fashion intern for New York designer Alex Woo, jumped to her death from the George Washington Bridge last night. The incident occurred around 4:40 p.m. In a designer bag she placed on the bridge, Riggitano left a suicide diary, which included details of a man who had mistreated her and friends who she did not want to attend her funeral. Her body was pulled out by the harbor patrol shortly after the devastating jump. (Source)

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