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Feb 27, 201305:57 PM

Cheat Sheet: February 27, 2013

‘Strength from stillness’: Rosa Parks statue unveiled in US Capitol

More than half a century after she refused to give up her seat on an Alabama city bus, Rosa Parks now has a permanent spot in the U.S. Capitol. She is being honored as the first black woman to have a statue there. President Obama and congressional leaders from both parties attended the unveiling today and said that the depiction of Parks was fitting: she is shown seated, hands clasped in front of her, eyes fixed forward. “Rosa Parks’ singular act of disobedience launched a movement,” Obama said. “The tired feet of those who walked the dusty roads of Montgomery helped a nation see that to which it had once been blind.” (Source)

Beach shop owner defends gun discount to Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan took aim at a Virginia Beach pizza shop owner Tuesday night on his show. Jay Laze, owner of All Around Pizza, appeared to speak from his store to Morgan in the studio about the discount he’s been offering to customers who carry a gun into the business or who show a concealed handgun permit. Morgan told Laze that he hoped the discount offer “fails spectacularly,” after offering his opinion, “that’s the kind of attitude that is unfortunately causing America the most hideous gun violence problems.”  The discount that Laze has been offering since Feb. 15 was intended to be for a limited time, but Laze said he might make it permanent if customers like it. (Source)

Pope recalls ‘joy,’ difficulties in final audience

Pope Benedict XVI bid an emotional farewell today on the eve of his retirement, recalling moments of “Joy and light” during his papacy but also times of difficulty when “it seemed like the Lord was sleeping.” Approximately 150,000 people flooded St. Peter’s Square, eager to bear witness to the final hours of a papacy that will go down in history as the first in 600 years to end in resignation rather than death. (Source)

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