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Feb 21, 201304:36 PM

Cheat Sheet: February 21, 2013

Obama to speak in Newport News

President Obama will visit Newport News Shipbuilding next Tuesday to speak about the looming sequester that is set to take effect March 1 if no budget agreement is made in Congress. Such cuts will likely take a toll on the Shipyard’s employees. The White House says Obama’s visit will focus on how the sequester will hurt jobs and middle class families. Senator Tim Kaine visited the shipyard on Tuesday to discuss the issue. (Source)

Young girls injured in Norfolk fire

Two girls, 7 and 3 years old, were hurt in an apartment fire on Obendorfer Road in Norfolk late last night. Firefighters arrived at 11:09 p.m. and found the girls on the second floor of the building. The children were unconscious at the scene but were transported to a hospital and are expected to be fine. The fire was contained to one unit and the first floor has sustained most of the damage. There were reportedly smoke detectors in the apartment, but they were not working. (Source)

Bombings in Syria leave dozens dead

A car bomb that exploded in the Syrian capitol of Damascus today has left dozens dead and at least 200 wounded. The Syrian government and its opposition, the Free Syrian Army, are blaming each other for the attack. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) put the most recent count of the dead at 53 today, and most of the casualties appear to be civilians. This bombing comes two weeks after the opposition fighters began a push toward the capitol after several weeks of stalemate. (Source)

Storm delivers ice, snow and freezing rain

A massive storm, named Winter Storm Q, is continuing is path throughout the Southwest today and moving into the Midwest and Southern Plains. The governor of Missouri has declared a state of emergency, reporting that the state has experienced snow, thundersnow, freezing rain and ice. Kansas is now under a state of emergency warning as well. Other states currently being ravaged by this winter storm are Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arizona. The storm will continue on its path through the weekend. (Source)

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