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Feb 20, 201304:31 PM

Cheat Sheet: February 20, 2013

Shipyard workers to receive WARN notice

Today, 1,600 Norfolk shipyard workers will receive Worker Adjustment and Restraining Notification Act (WARN) notices. The notices, which are sent as letters to each worker from BAE Systems Ship Repair President Bill Clifford, will acknowledge the company’s plans for mass layoffs from the shipyard. A WARN notice is mandatory if a company has 100 or more workers. After a visit to Newport News workers on Tuesday, Sen. Tim Kaine said, “delayed ship repairs over budget uncertainty will have a devastating ripple effect on the Hampton Roads economy and an immediate impact on our readiness.” (Source)

The effects of the American Airlines merger

Last week, the two large airline companies American Airlines and US Airways merged together, becoming the largest airline company in the world, valued at $11 million. Although this merger will allow more flights to leave per day – 6,700 flights that is—the airline industry expects the combination of companies to be more troublesome for the customers. Seth Kaplan, an analyst from Airline Weekly magazine predicts ticket prices to increase between 5% and 10% due to the competition in a decreasing market. (Source)

Jackson admits misusing campaign funds

Former Democratic congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has admitted to misusing $750,000 worth of campaign funds. The Illinois representative will face criminal charges for the spending, and it is reported that he used the funds to purchase high-end items such as a Rolex watch, furs and celebrity memorabilia. His wife Sandi will also be taken to court for suspicion of filing false tax returns. The previous summer, Jackson took a medical leave from Congress and later released that he was treated for bipolar disorder. Jackson will receive a sentence ranging from 46 to 57 months in prison. (Source)

5th grader saves friend choking on candy

Fifth grade student Antoine Stokley saved friend Zion Price after he choked on a piece of hard candy. On Valentine’s Day at the P.W. Moore Elementary School in Elizabeth City, Price ate a piece of candy and was walking to the library when he dropped his books and started gasping for air. Friend Stokley was nearby in the computer lab when he saw him drop and ran to his friend. Stokley reportedly hit Price on the back until the candy was dislodged from his throat. Stokley told Channel 13 News that he learned how to help choking victims from P.E. teacher Ms. Wilhelmina Cartwright. (Source)

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