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Sep 3, 201309:43 AM

Cheat Sheet: August 31-September 2: Weekend Roundup

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Marines website

Pro-Assad computer hackers broke into the Marine Corps recruiting site on Monday, redirecting visitors to a screen that called President Barack Obama “a traitor who wants to put your lives in danger to rescue al-Qaida insurgents.” The site, marines.com, was tampered with and redirected temporarily to a message from the Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker group that’s claimed responsibility for disrupting the New York Times website, Twitter and other media sites the group sees as sympathetic to Syria’s rebels, but no information was put at risk. The message to the Marine Corps was a plea for Americans to fight alongside the Syrian army and not aide the rebels. (Source)

Stork detained for spying in Egypt

On Friday authorities in Cairo detained a migratory bird that a citizen suspected of being a spy. Officers puzzled over an electronic device attached to the bird. On Saturday, a veterinary committee determined the device was neither a bomb nor a spying device; it was a wildlife tracker used by French scientists to follow the movement of migrating birds. The device stopped working when the bird crossed the French border, absolving it of being an avian Mata Hari. (Source)

Norfolk woman’s killer identified as drowning victim

The suspect in the death of a woman who was found lifeless inside a Norfolk home Saturday morning has been identified as the man whose body was found in the Lafayette River Sunday. Officers responded to Holt Street after a person called police saying a body was found inside a residence. The body was identified as Shadosha Johnson, and police began investigating her death as a homicide. On Monday, detectives identified a suspect as 44-year-old Jeffry Watkins, who was found dead after drowning early Sunday morning. The Medical Examiner’s office has ruled the drowning accidental and that Watkins and Johnson were in a relationship and that her death was domestic related. (Source)

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