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Apr 30, 201305:03 PM

Cheat Sheet: April 30, 2013

Pedestrians hit by truck on I-264

Two pedestrians were seriously injured just before noon today on I-264. The victims were flagging down help after a crash on the highway left an SUV in the median between the east and westbound lanes. The pedestrians were hit by the driver of a pick-up truck who took too long to slow down after seeing them at the median. They have been transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Roads reopened around 2 p.m. (Source)

Hefty sentence issued for Chesapeake burglar

A Chesapeake woman was sentenced in court today to 65 years in prison, 40 dropped pending good behavior, for committing a home invasion in 2011. Nineteen-year-old Tyquesha Hargrave was found guilty on charges of statutory burglary, armed robbery, possession of a sawed off shotgun and conspiracy. Hargrave and her accomplice, 20-year-old Tyquine R. Lee, invaded the home of an elderly woman, robbed her and ransacked her home. The pair was found two weeks later during an unrelated police pursuit. Lee is already serving 78 years for unrelated crimes, but a jury recommended a 34-year sentence for him last December. (Source)

New king crowned in the Netherlands

Today, millions of Dutch citizens watched as the first Dutch king in 123 years was crowned in the Amsterdam’s central Dam Square. King Willem-Alexander, crowned after the abdication of his mother Queen Beatrix, is the youngest monarch in Europe at age 46. Queen Beatrix, 75, was the Netherland’s ruling monarch for 33 years. Willem-Alexander’s wife became Queen Maxima, and the eldest of the three royal daughters, Catharina-Amalia, became Princess of Orange, now the first in line to assume the throne. (Source)

Drastic temperature decreases expected this week

Just when the sun seemed to be coming out, another cold front is set to hit the Midwest this week, dropping temperatures up to 60 degrees in some cities. Lubbock, Texas is expected to reach a near-record high of mid-90 degree weather on Tuesday. The temperature is then projected to drop to mid-30s by Thursday morning. Cities all over the Midwest and South-Central regions should expect swift declines in temperature this week. (Source)

Apr 23, 2016 11:01 am
 Posted by  kekee

This is in regards to the information you've shared with VA Pilot in reference to Tyquine R. Lee, & Tyquesha A. Hargrave. You as well as I know that the sentence these two African Americans received was unfair & unjust. They were at the very beginning of age 18 years old. Were they wrong for the crimes they've committed, OF COURSE, there was more than four people involved in this case, but only the four were apprehended. Tyquine & Tyquesha received the most time out of everyone just because they decided not to talk.

Tyquine has a mental illness, that he's had all his life, and not one of the attorneys that was so called representing him even cared to ask about, they never requested his medical records, before he was sentenced, it's on his record as him having ADHD, & being emotionally disturb, he was in special education classes because of this, and took a bunch of different medications for his illness, but that wasn't even mentioned because of the color of his skin, they through the book at him. Not to mention all the other three co - defendants sentences were ran concurrent, but not Tyquine's, you'd think he's John Gody or somebody.

I personally know people who've killed individuals and received way lesser time than they gave my son. What about these two young white males, one killed 9 black people in the church, and was taking to Burger King to eat a meal in rewards for doing so, and he didn't get this much time, and the other young male killed four people in the car, and he's told to pled insanity and only gets two years. This is all about race, and it's not fair, it's way to much time for the both of these young adults, who should be given a second chance at life, so they can become rehabilitated.

I wish you guys would stop making a mockery out of this, as to they should be punished for the rest of their lives because of their actions as children. Tyquesha has no real family, she grew u in the foster system, however she has her own mind, and is way more intelligent than Tyquine, so that nonsense you're talking about she would have jumped off a bridge if he'd told her to is a bunch of crap. This is an angry mother who will not give up on my child as well as Tyquesha until real justice is served. My GOD has the final say so in the matter, not man nor women!!!

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