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Apr 24, 201304:32 PM

Cheat Sheet: April 24, 2013

Feds spend at least $890,000 on fees for empty accounts

According to a report by The Washington Post Wednesday, the government will spend up to $890,000 in service fees to keep empty accounts open. The total number of accounts adds up to 13,712 and each one requires an annual $65 fee to let it remain open. The accounts were meant to be closed, but no one has filed the correct paperwork to do so. This amount of spending is only about a fraction of the federal budget. (Source)

Jury says sheriff performed unconstitutional searches

Portsmouth Sheriff Bill Watson was accused of allegedly performing nine unconstitutional searches on jail workers by a jury on Wednesday. Watson allegedly brought the workers to a private room where a female deputy performed a strip search which forced them to take off their clothes. The jury did not believe Watson performed them in each alleged incident. (Source)

Ricin Case Shifts to Accused Molester

After falsely accusing Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis, authorities now have their eyes on former political candidate J. Everett Dutschke. Dutschke is currently facing charges of child molestation and is a tae kwon do teacher and frontman of a band RoboDrum. (Source)

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