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Apr 22, 201302:26 PM

Cheat Sheet: April 20-21: Weekend Roundup

Boston Marathon bombing suspect awake, answering questions

After being hospitalized for a throat wound, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ,19, began answering questions on Sunday via pen and paper. Authorities reported that Tsarnaev knows of his brother’s death. Tsarnaev could be charged for the alleged bombings of the marathon and could receive sentences at the state and federal levels. Although the government may try to pursue the death penalty, there is no death penalty sentence in the state of Massachusetts. (Source)

Earthquake hits China’s Sichuan province, killing at least 156 and injuring thousands

China got hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, injuring thousands of residents and killing more than 156 people. The epicenter was reported to be under the county Ya’an, only eight miles below the surface. Not long after the earthquake struck at 8 a.m. (Beijing time) Chinese troops attempted to recover those trapped under the fallen debris. Aftershocks continued after the initial quake, with some measuring up to 5.0 magnitude. The earthquake happened only about 150 miles from the 2008 earthquake that left 87,000 people missing or dead. (Source)

5 snowboarders die in Colorado backcountry avalanche

Just 60 miles west of Denver, a group of six snowboarders got caught in an avalanche, killing five of the people. One snowboarder dug himself out and called authorities at about 2 p.m. The avalanche was about 200 yards wide and about eight feet deep. Clear Creek Country Sherrif Don Krueger said the snowboarders may have triggered the slide, since the Colorado Avalanche Information Center had reported weak layers of snow on the Colorado mountainside. (Source)

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