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Apr 16, 201305:16 PM

Cheat Sheet: April 16, 2013

3 dead, 176 injured at Boston Marathon

Updates on the Boston Marathon bombing report now that three people have been killed, including an 8-year-old boy, and 176 have been sent to the hospital with injuries–17 being critical. Authorities are actively working to deduce who was behind yesterday’s blast, as no known terrorist organizations have taken credit for it and the questioning of the 20-year-old Saudi national taken in yesterday turned up no evidence and he is no longer a suspect. Officials say the bombs were made from pressure cookers stuffed with ball bearings, nails and other sharp materials. Most of the injuries are being reported as lower-body trauma, with several victims losing parts of their legs in the blast. (Source)

Norfolk school fire causes evacuation

Students were evacuated from Norview Middle School in Norfolk today after a small fire broke out. The fire began inside a trash can on the second floor of the school. No one was hurt and, despite some damage, officials say the school will open tomorrow. After-school activities for Norview were cancelled today. (Source)

Portsmouth man leads police on low-speed chase

A Portsmouth man led police on a low-speed chase last night when he fled from a traffic stop. The Portsmouth Police Department was alerted that a suspect with a warrant on file was driving on the 800 block of Frederick Boulevard. The suspect is 31-year-old Wayne Chrisco, who was taken into custody in the first block of Easton Street. Narcotics were found in his possession at the time of arrest. (Source)

New gun proposal faces uncertain fate in Senate

A bipartisan amendment proposal to expand the national gun background check system is stalled in the Senate today, receiving only 52 of the 60 it needs to pass and be added to the current gun law bill up for consideration. A final vote is not expected to be taken until Thursday, with some senators asking for further information on the details of the amendment before they will support it. (Source)

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