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Breakfast/brunch offered seasonally

A favorite breakfast memory?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I have fond Saturday morning memories of Cap’n Crunch, Golden Grahams or Fruit Loops cereal or cold pizza or leftover fried chicken and cartoons. When adults were in charge, biscuits with honey drizzle and country ham. Incidentally, my first-ever cooking lesson, with my Gran Gran, was scrambled eggs.

Favorite breakfasts?

Raised within the American culture, our cured meats, hams, smoked sausages, egg preparations, potatoes, and buttered toast come to mind.

Pushing other cultures in with that, I’ve come to love the addition of rice to breakfast, whether congee, steamed rice, or fried, in addition to hearty, more Latin-inspired accompaniments like beans/peas, chilies, as well as other seasonal veggies, and the pops of flavor from herbs, citrus, and pickles that really wake up the mind, and the palate.

Let’s talk omelets

The Japanese orchestrate an amazing hybrid omelet, omurice, that is essentially a ketchup-fried, rice-stuffed omelet, that on occasion, finds its way into the family breakfast, or dinner. 

In making omelets, I’ve seen milkshake whippers, whisks, forks and chopsticks all achieve nice fluff; the more mechanized, the more fluff can turn into stiff in my opinion. Some folks like adding a smidgen of water or dairy, flecks of butter. It’s all in the timing, pan heat and wrist!

Tell me about pancakes.

Don’t over work the batter, and have a solid recipe ... it’s worth the extra steps of scoring quality flour, baking powder/soda, eggs, buttermilk and making them from scratch.

Biscuits: The secret?

Here again, don’t over work the dough; a little shag never hurt nobody. Fold a few times like closing a book, leave a fair amount of butter/shortening flecks to work their steaming and lipid-imparting magic in the layers.

How do you make a perfect poached egg?

Fresh eggs, room temp, a good amount of water at a lazy bubble/simmer, (salt and vinegar added if the extra assurance of aided coagulation is desired), have a slotted spoon nearby, crack the egg into a small bowl for easy tipping into the water, tip egg into the water holding the bowl right at or 1/4 inch above water’s surface. Only nudge/gently lift egg with slotted spoon, here or there to prevent eggs from sticking, you can use your spoon to create a slight water current, and then monitoring the time and water temperature to achieve desired doneness of your egg, 3–5 minutes.

Hollandaise for benedicts: Does it always have to break?

Don’t be scared or intimidated, and allow yourself the time and space for proper heat maintenance and emulsification of butter into your yolks ... then eat! 

How do you get your bacon crispy?

I enjoy the time window supplied by: placing cold bacon in a cast iron skillet, then into a cold oven, and turning on to 425F. By the time your oven finishes preheat and the signal goes off, you can judge whether or not to add more time, five minutes, or flip the bacon depending on how evenly it’s browned, and then seeing it through until it crisps. It may still seem leathery while in the pan, but once it’s pulled, and allowed to rest on a towel, it’ll crisp up! Or you can deep fry it.

Talk to me about French toast.

Brioche or challah, brûlée or ice cream custard, some kind of salty meat element, to flank or top it, and then you take it from there on the frills!

Any other advice?

Don’t skip breakfast.  If you don’t want to cook, or think, just come find the truck, and we’ll get you fed.

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