Breakfast 101

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Doc Taylors Virginia BeachRay Lebuen

Doc Taylors, Virginia Beach

Breakfast/brunch offered seven days a week, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A favorite breakfast memory?

My mom making: banana pancakes; corn beef you buy in a can, then sauté with fresh garlic and onions; Spam and garlic fried rice.

Favorite breakfasts?

I love to eat Loco Moco: garlic fried rice topped with hamburger patties, brown gravy and eggs. Yum yum.

Let’s talk omelets

I love cheese, cheese and more cheese in my omelet.

To make the lightest, fluffiest omelet, scramble the eggs real well so that it is all yellow; no white visible. Add a little cream, or milk, or both.

Tell me about pancakes.

Try not to stir the batter too much, and use very cold butter and milk.

Biscuits: The secret?

I use butter instead of shortening; it tenderizes the dough; plus it adds great flavor. I also use a combination of butter, milk and cream in the dough.

How do you make a perfect poached egg?

A drop or two of vinegar in the poaching liquid, and love.

Hollandaise for benedicts: Does it always have to break?

Use a blender, such as Cuisinart.

How do you get your bacon crispy?

Lay bacon on a sheet pan and place in the refrigerator; do not cover, and let it sit overnight. The next day, place it in a 500F oven until crisp.

Talk to me about French toast.

I use Hawaiian loaf bread with eggs, heavy cream, milk, vanilla and cinnamon. I love to top it with cream cheese folded with papaya, mango and macadamia nuts. I drizzle over some Grand Marnier-infused cream sauce, sprinkle with lots of powdered sugar, and garnish with fresh jackfruit.

Any other advice?

When you enter the culinary world, I think that breakfast is the best place to start. When you master breakfast, then there’s no stopping you because you’ve learned to pay attention to details. It’s about speed, accuracy and patience.

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