Tracie Tries It -- and Succeeds!

Face of Fox 43 Tracie Paige Discusses His Primo Position

By Diandra Simmons

People know him as the Face of Fox, the fun-loving, outgoing spokesperson for Fox 43 TV who showcases events in Hampton Roads and tries interesting activities for his own segment, Tracie Tries It. Before 24-year-old Tracie Paige earned this title, he interned at Hampton Roads Magazine, worked at a movie theater and was even camera-shy. We sat down with Tracie and learned how he achieved this dream job, what his future plans entail and what advice he passes on to aspiring Faces of Fox.

Hampton Roads Magazine: Have you always lived in Hampton Roads?

Tracie Paige: Yes, I was born and raised in Norfolk. I attended Booker T. Washington High School and graduated from Norfolk State University.

HRM: What is your favorite thing about Hampton Roads?

Tracie: I love the water! Everything is just water here. I enjoy the beach, and when I’m not working, I love to play board games and Spades. Yes, I love Spades! I’m very laid back.

HRM: What made you want to apply for this position?

Tracie: I needed a job! I was actually working upstairs in the MacArthur movie theatre when I heard about auditions for being the Face of Fox. I wanted to try out, but I wasn’t dressed for the audition. I had butter stains on my shirt, and it wasn’t pretty. So I waited until they had auditions on another day when I could get myself together.

HRM: And you just auditioned?

Tracie: Yeah! I did an in-person video over sending one in. I wanted them to be able to see me and my personality.

HRM: What have you been doing as the Face of Fox?

Tracie: My responsibilities include going out into the community and letting people know, “Hey, this is what’s going on in your area.” I also do weekend web packages and spotlights showcasing events going on in Hampton Roads.

HRM: Do you feel as if your internship with Hampton Roads Magazine helped you with this position?

Tracie: Heck yes! I was an editorial intern, and I also worked in social media while I was there. Writing always helps you. I write scripts, blogs; so much in what I do has to do with writing. I loved the internship with Hampton Roads Magazine. My first week there, they had me work on an article, and I got to see it in print with my name under it. It was amazing.

HRM: So what is “Tracie Tries It?”

Tracie: I go out into the community and find different activities to do and I “try it.” The different activities are usually selected by me because I go to a lot of events in Hampton Roads, but I tell people all the time if they have ideas for something I should try, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Face of Fox 43.

HRM: You seem like an outgoing guy on TV and in person, but do you ever get camera shy?

Tracie: Yeah, at first; I wasn’t exactly being myself. I kept thinking, “All these people are watching me.” I had to warm up to it.

HRM: What do you plan on doing after this?

Tracie: Acting is my dream! I’m going to be an actor. I have to speak it for it to be true.

HRM: For someone who aspires to be the next Face of Fox or to do something similar, what advice would you give them?

Tracie: I would tell them that this is not for just anyone. People want to see someone who is real, so to be yourself is the best advice.