How to Bring the Coloring Book Trend to Your Wedding

Think “wedding,” and you’ll surely think “flowers.” Now add the word “coloring,” and make it “coloring flowers.”

For a memorable celebration, make both part of your plan.

Coloring for adults has never been more popular: In spring 2015, two adult coloring books were among Amazon’s bestsellers.  

While adults are probably consciously just thinking about taking a break from their glowing screens when they turn to coloring books, subconsciously they could be boosting their logic-building skills (all those color choices!) and reducing their stress levels (that blissful, lose-yourself focus!)

Both of those benefits can help brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, in-laws-to-be, bridesmaids-to-be, attendants-to-be and even guests-to-be as the big day approaches—or arrives—and stress builds.

Two local artists are making it easy for you to realize the benefits of coloring:

Fort Eustis artist Angelika Parker offers free coloring sheets on her Facebook page, Art Love Passion. The first sheet featured flowers. “As I post pictures of my work in progress, followers get to see the early stages of my designs,” says Angelika. “They asked if I would ever consider making coloring sheets or a coloring book. I knew it was time to get to work and make my fans happy.”

While waiting for her first book to come out, which will be about 30 pages and feature dogs, Angelika offers free coloring sheets every few weeks.

coloring books for weddings trend

In May, Newport News artist Karen Long Freidt published her second coloring book, Brilliance: The Wisdom of Coloring, after quickly selling out of her handmade coloring books last year. The book, available here for $25, features 12 original illustrations filled with cheerful whimsy on high-quality, thick white paper. It’s spiral bound so that each sheet lies flat and is easy to color.

“After sharing some of my illustrations with adult friends and seeing them enjoy coloring them so much, I decided I needed to create a book to share,” Karen says. “I love seeing people reconnect with their childhood memories and getting lost in the meditative, calming state that coloring can bring about.”

Crayons, however, might disrupt calmness: They’re usually too thick for the fine lines of adult coloring books. Karen and Angelika recommend their favorite colored pencils, Prismacolor Premier.

“They have high-quality pigment for a rich color saturation and soft cores that are ideal for blending,” explains Angelika.

Here are 5 ways to bring the coloring book trend to your wedding:

  1. Place coloring sheets or coloring books at each table at the bride’s shower, along with colored pencils, and ask guests to color throughout the shower.
  2. Present the coloring books to bridesmaids as a “be my maid” gift or afterward as a thank you.
  3. Family and friends each color one flower from a coloring sheet, glue the sheet on cardboard, cut it out and create a unique bouquet for the bride.
  4. The bride and groom color a sheet during the reception and keep it as a reminder of the first thing they did together as a married couple.
  5. Present a coloring sheet or coloring book as a thank you gift at the wedding. Colored sheets could be returned to the bride and groom, framed and used to decorate their first home.

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