Hands-On Classes for Brides offered at The Makeup School By Sarah Rillon

Whether you’re a makeup maven or prefer a more natural appearance, one thing’s for certain—your makeup should look impeccable on your wedding day.

Many brides go the professional route when it comes to makeup application simply because they want to ensure that they’ll have a flawless look they’re going to love, with makeup that’s going to last through hours of happy tears, dancing and hundreds of photos taken throughout the day. 

If this isn’t an option—say if you’re planning a destination wedding and don’t have access to a makeup artist you trust—or if you’d rather invest in your own products, the best alternative is to learn to do your own makeup. And luckily, there’s now a local place to do that.

The Makeup School by Sarah Rillon opened in Virginia Beach near Hilltop last spring, offering makeup and hairstyling courses inside a bright and chic space. Founder Sarah Rillon teaches a course titled Makeup for the Bride, a 1–3-hour, hands-on session where she teaches brides to do their own wedding day makeup, giving application tips and product suggestions along the way.

the makeup school sarah rillon

Here are 3 tips Rillon suggests for wedding day DIY makeup application:

1.  Invest in the products and the tools. For your wedding day, you want quality products. If you can’t invest in everything, at least invest in the face—your foundation, concealer, powder and the brushes to apply it—because nothing will look good if your face isn’t put together.

2. Know what your focus is—whether it’s your eyes, your lips or all of the above. Determine what your main concern is with your makeup for that day.

3. Do your research and have the correct product knowledge in the products that you invest in. There are a lot of products in the market that aren’t meant for flash photography, or they’re not meant to be worn in certain types of photographs, and if you’re not mindful or well versed in those areas, it doesn’t matter how great the product is—you’re just going to look a mess. So make sure you’re well informed on the products you’re choosing for your wedding day.

the makeup school by sarah rillon

The Makeup School by Sarah Rillon is located at 620 Village Dr., Suite D, Virginia Beach. Rillon also offers bachelorette parties and girls’ night out events, hosting up to 20 ladies. (Minimum two hours.) Call 757-672-9300 or visit the website for details and pricing.

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