15 Fall Favor Ideas

15 Fall Wedding Ideas

There’s something particularly romantic about fall weddings. The air is the perfect temperature for snuggling, the leaves lend a magnificent backdrop to any outdoor occasion, and it’s a great excuse to indulge in the season’s warming flavors of cinnamon, apple and pumpkin. Don’t forget your guests when wrapped up in autumn’s bliss. They’ll enjoy receiving an autumn-centric gift, and lucky for you, Coastal Virginia’s local harvest and local stores are ripe with flavors and fun to lend to your wedding favors, whether they’re edible, DIY projects or items that will most certainly be used again. Here are some stylish, seasonal send-offs that your guests are sure to fall in love with.


Saltwater Taffy

You didn’t think saltwater taffy was just a summertime treat, did you? Virginia Beach’s Forbes Candies allows you to pick your own flavors, and with choices like Apple Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Rum & Butter, Red Hot Cinnamon and Caramel, your guests will soon be chewing on fun fall flavors with a hint of salty sunshine.

Coated Apples 

Fall is the time for fairs and festivals, which make us think of candy and caramel apples. Find an assortment of dipped and coated apples at Town Center’s The Royal Chocolate. Pictured is their Apple Pie Apple, but other flavors include caramel, chocolate toffee krunch, rocky road and so on. There’s even a bride and groom apple!

Local Honey

Honey is good for all year round but especially tasty drizzled in oatmeal or hot tea on chilly mornings or adding a splendid sweetness to pies and cakes. Make yours local honey and support one of the apiaries right here in Coastal Virginia, like the Hampton Apiary.


It’s hard to resist a doughnut done right, and your guests will be completely smitten with the offerings found at Virginia Beach’s Duck Donuts. To keep the fall flavors rolling, select flavors like Cinnamon & Sugar, Peanut Butter, Maple or Maple Bacon, and mix and match flavors as you wish!

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Locally Roasted Coffee Beans

It’s a safe bet that most of your guests enjoy a nice cup of joe in the mornings, but it’s also a safe bet that your out-of-towners would love a sampling of some local beans. Purchase bags of your favorite Three Ships Coffee beans and divide them into one-serving portions. Put in a cutesy bag, tie on some burlap and call it a day.

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It seems like succulents are all the rage right now; perhaps because they’re so darn cute. You can buy them at most garden centers like McDonald Garden Center with locations all over Coastal Virginia. Then search thrift stores for adorable containers to plant them in.

Mcdonald's Garden Center
Pre-crafted Succulents

Short on time? Buy them pre-adorified at With Lavender and Lace in Norfolk, created by Studio Posy, also in Norfolk. 

Soy Candles

Another hot (yes, pun intended) item to put in a cute container is a candle. Candle making kits can be found in most craft stores, and you can find plenty of teacups, jars and tiny bowls at thrift stores. Or, have someone else do the work and purchase these yummy soy candles from Gymbohannah, located in Chesapeake. 

Chalkboard Coasters

Gather some ceramic tiles from a hardware store and chalkboard paint from Sisters Unique in Newport News to create your very own chalkboard coasters. They can serve as place settings for guests, coasters (duh) and favors because each guest can take their coaster home. Go the extra mile by giving everyone an individual piece of chalk. This adds a perfect touch to your rustic fall affair.

Golden Pumpkins

Gather some miniature pumpkins from one of the many pumpkin patches in Hampton Roads. Spray paint them gold to create an upscale fall look, then let each guest take a golden pumpkin home to use in their own fall décor.

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You and your love muffin have certain songs that invoke special memories, so why not share these sweet tunes with your guests? Create a soundtrack of 15–20 songs that bring on the warm fuzzies and personalize disc sleeves for them. Your guests would enjoy listening to love songs from local artists like The Last Bison and Skye Zentz.


Handmade soap

Everyone bathes, but not everyone knows about the intoxicating scents of Tasha’s Own Handcrafted Goat’s Milk Soap made in Virginia Beach. Stick to fall-worthy scents or choose an arrangement of year-round aromas and put one at each place setting.

Lottery ticket

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; anyone could use a little extra money, so give them the lucky chance by purchasing a lottery ticket for each guest. Stick the ticket in a cardboard pouch and tie with twine for fall flair.

Lavender sachets

Whether your guests are making lavender lemon shortbread cookies or potpourri to fill their homes with the sweet scent from those tiny purple blooms, lavender sachets make an excellent favor.

Fill your sachets with fresh lavender purchased in bouquets from Blue Skye Lavender on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. 

Hangover Kit

All too often, your guests wake up the morning after your wedding feeling less than enthusiastic about…well, anything. Supply them with a cutesy hangover kit to ease their pain. Some ideas to put in the kit:

  • Boujie flavored water from Whole Foods
  • Advil
  • Mini bottles of vodka and tiny cans of tomato juice for making Bloody Marys
  • Mints
  • Eye mask


There’s no better way to cure that nip in the air than with a comfy pashmina that guests can take home. Have each one embroidered with your last name and the date from Virginia Beach’s Embroidery N Beyond.

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