Wedding Registry Essentials for the Traditional & Sophisticated Bride

Registering for gifts is one of the most enjoyable tasks involved with wedding planning. It’s a little bit like being a kid at Christmas; you get to ask for anything you want and no one thinks you’re being greedy. A traditional bride may choose to take care of registering for gifts on her own, but selecting items to place in their future home helps a couple form a more solid idea of what life together will look like. Whether a bride is registering alone, with a friend or with her future husband, here are a few tips to help make the process easier.

Consider Your Lifestyle

The best way to end up with a lot of nice gifts that you’ll never actually use is to fill out a registry without first forming a plan. If your fiancé won’t be joining you, at least have a discussion about décor style and lifestyle. What color linens do you want for your bed and bath? Do you really want an eight-piece setting of expensive china or would the two of you actually prefer a canoe for those weekend camping trips you love? Knowing the answers to these types of questions before you get to the store will avoid stress and poor choices.

Register Early

The Knot ranks this tip as number one, and it’s especially important for traditional brides who may attend both an engagement party and a bridal shower in addition to the wedding itself. Even a mini-registry will be helpful for loved ones and party guests who want to shower you with gifts as soon as they learn about the engagement.

Multiple Registries

It’s perfectly polite to register at more than one place; in fact, it’s traditional. Register at a home store for basic bed and bath needs, a department store for high-end china and crystal and a hardware store for lawn and garden supplies. For the convenience of her guests, even a traditional bride needs to embrace modern technology and register with at least one store that provides online shopping with easy delivery options.

Update Often

It’s a good idea to replenish your registry lists after events such as an engagement party or shower. Chances are the least and most expensive items will remain unpurchased while mid-range items will be gone quickly.

Be Thoughtful about Price Range

Selecting items priced from $20 to $200 is a considerate way to make sure every guest is comfortable purchasing a gift from the registry. Guests with a smaller budget will feel good about buying that $20 item when they know it’s something you want. Or guests can pool their resources with other friends to purchase something more extravagant. Loved ones who can afford to be generous will enjoy buying a big-ticket item or two instead of stacking up a number of smaller items to spoil you with.

Avoid Trends

As a traditional bride, you may not be tempted to register for counter-top appliances in trendy colors to begin with, but thinking long-term is the best idea when it comes to choosing patterns and colors. No matter how much you love pink and lavender right now, classic colors and solid designs will remain in style far into the future — just like you and your husband.

Thinking long-term may be the best advice of all when it comes to choosing wedding registry items. Consider whether an item is likely to serve you 10 or more years down the line. Of course, many household items have to be replaced throughout the years, but using the same special dishes, candle holders and tablecloth to dress your holiday table year after year is one of the best ways to relive the joy of your wedding day.

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