To Choose or Not To Choose

If you’re not yet engaged but feel that the question popping could happen any day now, do you know what’s going to be nestled inside that little black box? Have you and your fiancé-to-be done some browsing together, have you hinted at the type of ring you may want, or are you letting him make the entire decision on his own?

Having your guy choose a ring without any input from you is completely fine although a tad risky. Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie accidentally found the engagement ring that Aiden had picked out for her, and it was so ugly she threw up?

Not to say that your man doesn’t have superior taste when it comes to picking the perfect one—he’s obviously found you! Just remember, it’s forever so you’ll want to be sure that you’ll enjoy looking at that diamond (or emerald or ruby or sapphire or homemade hemp with recycled glass beads) for the rest of your life.

Deciding on a specific ring on your own is nice because you obviously know you’ll like it, but there are other factors to consider. For one, unless you have discussed it prior, you can’t be sure what your guy’s price range is. If you’re set on a $10,000 ring, but he has a $2,000 budget, you could be waiting awhile. Also since he is the one making the purchase, he should have some say in the decision because he’ll be seeing it every day as well.

Picking a ring out together is the best option because then you’re both comfortable with the price and appearance. You can even design a specific ring together at places such as Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers, which offers a 3D custom jewelry design system.

True, the ring itself won’t be a complete surprise, but at least you’ll have a ring that you both created together, making it even more special.

How did you go about choosing or letting your guy choose your ring? Are you completely satisfied?

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