Blissful Bachelorette

When you told your friends you were engaged, they probably had many happy thoughts going through their minds at once:
1. I’m so happy for her!
2. What a beautiful ring!
3. Has she set a date?
4. I wonder if she’ll ask me to be a bridesmaid.
5. If she does, I wonder what the dresses will look like.

When your guy told his closest friends that he had proposed, there was most likely one major thought:
1. Bachelor party!

Even though your girls may not begin planning your bachelorette party immediately, the idea will come to them eventually, and they’ll probably want your input. The initial thought of a bachelorette party induces images of some poor girl wearing a veil (and perhaps a light-up garter belt, depending on how cruel her friends are) who’s had way too much to drink and is now throwing dollar bills at some fellow in a hard hat/cowboy boots/policeman’s uniform who goes by the name of Steamy Steve.

If this is how you happily imagine your bachelorette party, go for it. You only live once, and this will be your last wild night out with your girls! Easy on the Jell-o shots, and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want posted on Facebook the next day.

If you’re looking for something different, consider the following options in Hampton Roads:

Women’s Wine Weekender—Load the car with snacks, bachelorette party road games and overnight bags, then hit the road for an all gals’ wine getaway. Some areas even offer shuttle services that will drive you and your ladies to different wineries for the day. Wineries in and around Hampton Roads include Bloxom Winery, Chatham Vineyards, Holly Grove Vineyards, New Kent Winery, Saude Creek Winery and Williamsburg Winery. Before you go, download the Virginia Wine Lover Magazine app to view all the Virginia wineries’ websites and phone numbers in the region you decide to visit.

Divine Day—Gather your girls for a relaxing spa experience at one of the many luxe spas inHampton Roads. Enjoy a tranquil massage, indulge in a facial and get matching pedicures to feel peaceful from head to toe. Then hit the town for drinks and dinner at an upscale eatery or hit the water on the Spirit of Norfolk for an exquisite dinner cruise complete with entertainment and dancing.

Art Extravaganza—Everyone meets at  Let’s Paint in Virginia Beach to create a memorable art piece together. Bring your own food and beverages, and gather round to recreate an original canvas artwork. After the paint has dried, head out to watch a play, opera or a good ole chick flick together.

Theme Team—Pick a theme for the night, and letyour attire and destinations match the mood. Strap on your boots and cowgirl hats, and line dance into the night, or glam it up, and hit a karaoke bar for a celebrity-style evening. Since our wedding had a 1940s theme, my bachelorette party was complete with vintage-inspired hairdos and pinup posters.

Don’t Be a Drag—If you want to get a little naughty, Drag Yourself to Brunch at Croc’s 19th Street Bistro in Virginia Beach for their Sunday brunch and drag show, full of energy with the region’s best female impersonators. Enjoy a delicious brunch and yummy mimosas—and don’t forget those dollar bills.

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