Piece of Cake: Floral Place Cards

There are so many unique place card ideas out there—especially for brides who are into DIY. I’ve seen everything from cards in wine corks for a vineyard wedding to names on shiny, red apples for a couple who love to teach.

These, however, caught my eye and I think they’re just adorable.  Martha Stewart may have a team to come up with ideas like this, but you and your bridesmaids can easily adapt this for your reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or post-wedding brunch.

Here are the steps to turn citrus (or other fruits and vegetables) into cute place card holders. If you’re having a large wedding, but love the colors of lemons, oranges and limes, make a few of each and arrange them in the center of your tables.

You can use water tubes such as these from a local craft store or florist.

What you'll need:

Water tube
Hat pin (aim for a straight pin that is a few inches long)
Orchid or other flower/plant
Place cards
Lemons, oranges or limes

The How-To

1. Cut the one end off of the citrus so that it sits up straight.
2. On the other end, cut about 1/3 of the citrus off.
3. Use a juicer to work all the juice out (a hand juicers like this one works well).


4. Use your spoon to scoop out the pulp so the shell is empty (similar to emptying a pumpkin).
5. Fill the citrus with moss, brushing off any dirt.

6. Insert a water tube in the middle of the citrus and moss. Fill with a small amount of water.

7. Fold the bottom of a place card so there is a 1/4–1/2 inch flap and pin it into the moss behind the water tube.

8. Place an orchid or other flower inside the tube.

While this idea works great with citrus fruits and they’re easily available all year round, you can also use this idea with other fruits and vegetables.

Check out these cute ideas with mini pumpkins and tea lights or flowers—perfect for a fall wedding or engagement party!

(The how-to for these pumpkins can also be found on MarthaStewart.com. Click here for the link.) 

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