Courthouse Cake Company in Gloucester

There’s a new bakery in town, and it certainly takes the cake when it comes to unique designs and tasty confections. CourtHouse Cake Company in Gloucester specializes in modern, sophisticated cake designs and can offer a plethora of beautiful and delicious options for brides.

Owner Sara Trull trained to make cakes in Cambridgeshire, England before moving to Gloucester three years ago. Trull continued her training under world-renown cake artist and owner of Savannah Custom Cakes, Minette Rushing. “The most important aspect that I have learned from Minette Rushing was to create my own unique style and to stay true to it,” Trull says. “She has also instilled in me to value my art and abilities and to be confident in what I provide my clients.”

The intricate detail on her designs is astounding, especially seen in the life-like detail of her sugared flowers. Trull puts much effort and time into her cakes, spending approximately 30 hours or more on a basic three-tiered cake with a flowered topper. She begins many components weeks before the event date to allow time for drying and to be handpainted.

CourtHouse Cake Company offers many different flavors ranging from almond or coconut to white chocolate marble, and the filling options include butter cream based selections, fruit fillings or premium fillings such as vanilla Italian meringue or white chocolate ganache. Trull’s favorite flavor is chocolate mud cake. “It’s dense, moist and oh so chocolately,” she says. “Combine that with white chocolate mousse filling, chocolate ganache icing and all sealed in with fondant.”

Of course how could anyone not love baking and decorating delicious cakes for a living, but Trull is especially fond of the art aspect of her work. “I enjoy taking their ideas and aspirations and giving them a beautiful piece of edible art that they are able to share with their guests,” she says. “What a wonderful way to finish a celebration with a delicious piece of cake!”

Courthouse Cake Company is located at 5973 Sean Paul Drive in Gloucester. For more information, call 757-849-9012 or visit

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