Your Day, Your Way: Say Thank You in Style

This post is by Sarah DiPeppe, a freelance writer for Hampton Roads Bride magazine.

Tak! Merci! Danke! Grazie! Cheers! Thank you!

However you choose to say it, saying thank you to those who have helped you prepare and celebrate your special day is a must! While plain, traditional thank you notes can be beautiful in their own right, show your family, friends and guests how truly thankful you are by spicing up your notes with personal touches and a dash of modernity.

Writing thank you notes is not only polite, but is an easy way to let your guests feel appreciated. And while sending thank you notes for gifts received is appropriate, remember to say thank you to those who helped prepare for your big day, such as your bridal party, parents, ushers, officiant and wedding coordinator. Thank you notes come in all shapes and sizes and can show off you and your groom’s style. Personalization can be elaborate or simple, but doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Have monogrammed stamps made with your new initials and/or address to add to the front of a blank note card or use to seal the envelope. Give personalized notes to those special members of your wedding party, such as the M.O.H. that helped carry your dress around or the best man that guarded the rings with his life. Pick out thank you notes in a favorite color or fun font to add youthful flair to a simple monogram. Do you love your theme? Select invitations that have matching thank you note options or contact your printer to see if matching notes can be made.

Whichever style you choose, make sure everyone involved feels appreciated and knows how thankful you are to have them be a part of this event. With a little creativity, it’s easy to say thank you in style—your own style!

Brush up on the conventions of saying thank you for all occasions and learn how to add a pinch of style with “The Art of Gratitude” by Town and Country. $12.95. Stanley Adams, Town Center, Virginia Beach.

Thank specific members of your wedding party personally with these beautiful handmade thank yous by Jenny Sweeny Designs Inc. $6 each. Jacobson Fine Papers and Gifts, Hilltop, Virginia Beach.

Left: Add a personalized monogram to a traditional thank you with these hand-engraved notes with gold lining by Crane’s. $19. Stanley Adams, Town Center, Virginia Beach. Right: A pop of color allows your monogram to really stand out on these Rosanne Herskind note cards by Cross-my-Heart. $10. Jacobson Fine Papers and Gifts, Hilltop, Virginia Beach.

Matching your notes and invitations lets guests know exactly who it’s from while adding a bit of detail and flair to a plain thank you. Invitations: $18. Jacobson Fine Papers and Gifts, Hilltop, Virginia Beach. Thank you notes: $14. Stanley Adams, Town Center, Virginia Beach.

Have a personalized stamp created with your monogram to customize thank you notes and other correspondence. The Peel & Stick stamp by PSA Essentials has an interchangeable design. You can easily change it with the seasons, use a special design just for wedding notes or change the address when you move into that new place! Jacobson Fine Papers and Gifts, Hilltop, Virginia Beach.

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