Tips for a Wedding on a Budget

Lately, in today’s economy, it has become more vital for everyone to try to save money on their weddings. More than ever brides are on the lookout for the best ways to minimize costs, while still creating that perfect wedding they have always dreamed of. Here are some tips that are sure to make your wedding less expensive—but still just as magical.

  • Cut your guest list. This is what will lower your costs the most; the fewer the guests, the less cost will be since every guest equals an invitation, a meal and guest favors, among other expenses that you have to pay for. 
  • Choose one splurge item. Unfortunately when it comes to the wedding industry, most everything isn’t cheap. So for example, if you have fallen in love with a high-priced venue, then go ahead and make the splurge; just be willing to cut back on other expenses (like flowers, music, food, invitations, etc.). 
  • Have your wedding on Friday. Venue costs are higher on weekends, especially on Saturdays. 
  • Choose your flowers wisely. Flowers are not all created equal—some are cheaper than others. You can even buy flowers from grocery stores and cut and style the flowers yourself. 
  • Have a signature drink. Instead of offering a full bar and spending way too much on alcohol, provide a selection of signature cocktails, red and white wine or even beer for your guests. 
  • Be your own DJ. Why shell out tons of cash for someone to play music? Unless you can get a good deal on a quality DJ, a just-as-good and free option is to create a playlist for the ceremony and the reception with your favorite songs by using your iPod. Just hook them up to some speakers at your wedding, and enjoy not only the music but all the money you’re saving too! 
  • Have a smaller cake. Have a one or two-tiered wedding cake, and if you’re afraid that won’t be enough, supplement it with a sheet cake served from the kitchen just in case anyone wants seconds. The higher the tiers, the higher the cost. 
  • When it comes to food, presentation goes a long way. Even if the food you’re serving is relatively cheap, say chicken with a salad. If it’s presented in a nice or artistic way, your guests will think it is much more expensive and sophisticated than it really is. 
  • Email your save-the-dates. Of course you shouldn’t email your invitations; that would be tacky. But it’s perfectly acceptable to email your save-the-date announcements and save a little on your stationary expenses. That way you can afford to have more attractive invitations.

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