Alternative Registries

Maybe you live in a loft apartment and don’t have much space, or perhaps you already have all the items for your abode that you could possibly want. Whatever the reason, understand that you’re not required to follow the traditional registry route of pots and pans and punch bowls—oh my! Guests truly want to give items that you need and that you’ll enjoy, so if you’re dreading the thought of having to return unwanted items, skip the scanning gun and register for the stuff you’ll really love.

Honeymoon Additions

True, you can’t really ask for your guests to pay for your all-inclusive getaway, but you can request that they chip in to allow you to do some extra fun activities while you’re there. lets you register for personalized items on your honeymoon such as airfare miles, a relaxing couples’ massage, a kayaking adventure, an upgrade for your room or a romantic dinner.

Pricey Pieces

So you’ve got all the dishes and serving ware you could ask for, but what you really want is that gorgeous dining room table from Decorum you’ve had your eye on. allows guests to contribute a dollar amount toward larger items including furniture, a new TV or any item that would be too expensive for one person to buy on their own.

The Gift of Giving

If you truly have everything you could ask for and would like to celebrate your love together by sharing with those less fortunate, you can opt for a charity registry. I Do Foundation allows couples to share the generosity of their guests with chosen charitable causes, so if you have a specific cause or a Hampton Roads organization or foundation that has made a difference in your life or that you’d like to support, encourage your guests to give the gift that really does keep on giving by donating to a charity that’s close to your hearts.

Registry Rules

Even though it’s perfectly fine to stray from tradition when forming your registry, there are certain standards that should be adhered to:

  • Never make mention of gifts on your invitation. Although it’s expected for guests to want to give gifts, it’s not polite to mention it here, even if you’re requesting that no gifts be sent. Instead, let your bridesmaids know where you’re registered so they may pass the information along or put the information on your wedding website.
  • Always send a Thank You note after receiving a wedding gift, even if it wasn’t on your registry and even if you’re pretty sure it was purchased at a yard sale in the 1960s. Even with today’s ease of sending a text message or e-mail to get your message across, there’s nothing like a hand-written note to show that you appreciate someone’s generosity.

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