Over the Rainbow

Three Nails Photography

Experts predict that one of the most unique trends for this year is incorporating rainbow colors into the wedding. So how do you do this without making your wedding look like a child’s birthday, a Rainbow Brite assembly or a Skittles commercial? The key is adding small touches without going crazy. Simple pops of color here and there can make for some fun photos and add a little whimsy to the day.

A bouquet bursting with different colors can be a lovely contrast against a pure white dress. We love the natural look of this hand-gathered posy. (OnceWed.com)

Have some fun with bright props when you and your groom are taking photos together. A rainbow hued parasol, a cluster of colorful balloons or a spray of multicolored confetti can add a playful touch. (Weddings By Lilly)

Guests won’t be able to say no to these chromatic confections that are easy to make and fun to eat. Simply layer different hues of cake batter (jazzed up with food coloring) in a jar, then bake jars in the oven in a shallow dish with water. A pouf of buttercream icing goes on top, and sprinkles are a must. (Emmaline Bride)

A rainbow candy bar will do the trick in adding some nostalgia to your special day. This rustic display fantastically combines muted nature tones with unpredictable splashes of cheer. (Three Nails Photography)

Even the drinks can be color coded. (Brides.com)

Have the bridesmaids each wear a vibrantly shaded dress. (Three Nails Photography)

Or just varied colors of shoes. (UnitedWithLove.com)

Have your guests throw multicolored confetti to join in the merriment. (WeddingChicks.com)

Keep the centerpieces simple to keep from getting gaudy. (WeddingChicks.com)

Don’t forget the favors. Your guests can use these heart shaped seed bombs to create their very own rainbow of flowers after the wedding. It may take a little storm to get them started, but just remember—you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. (Etsy)


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