Your Day, Your Way: What Your Wedding Colors Say About You

Thinking of colors for your wedding? Paper-Source, one of my favorite online paper stores, put together this fun “Colorscope” of their current colors. Using this color palette, here are some of my favorite combinations for upcoming weddings.

See which color scheme catches your eye and see what it says about you!

Summer Blossoms
If you’re drawn to this combination of pink and khaki, you don’t need us to tell you that you’re a romantic at heart and see beauty in everything. Incorporate all shades of pink into your bouquets or pick rhubarb-colored bridesmaid dresses.

Natural Beauty
If you’re drawn to the colors all around you, you’ll also be drawn to these nature-based colors.  Yellow bouquets really add a pop of color to navy or mossy green bridesmaid dresses—a combination fit for any season.

Celebrate in Style
You don’t have to be a wine lover to appreciate the understated shades that mark a good Cabernet Sauvignon. This combination of purples and greens show your guests you have great taste in colors—and everything you’re serving at the wedding. Instead of pairing purple and green, try pairing different shades of purple with just a punch of green, either in your centerpieces or accessories.

An Outdoor Affair
At first glance, this combination may seem subdued, but someone drawn to these colors knows how to have a good time! These colors work perfectly for an outdoor wedding, using natural elements, or they can set the stage for an elegant reception that can take place just about anywhere.

Evening Under the Stars
It’s no accident that someone who sets out to be the center of attention while always staying cool under pressure would be attracted to this combination. The soothing tones of lake and pool are contrasted by a bold blue and a delicate shade of gray. Picking these colors for your wedding doesn’t mean you’re limited to blues and grays. Consider a peachy orange to complement these and add a splash of surprise to the palette.

Paint the Town Poppy
If you can’t help smiling when you look at these colors, then you are a generally happy and thoughtful person. This combination of colors will have your guests smiling as well. In spring, use the papaya as the anchor color and accent with the rhubarb, poppy and curry. In the summer, paint the town (or your wedding) in poppy and accessorize it with shades of curry, papaya and rhubarb.

If none of these color combinations catch your eye, pick your favorite individual colors and see how they look together. You may just create a new combination that’s not only fabulous, but highlights exactly who you are!

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