Let the Bridal Shower Games Begin

Get together with your maid of honor and let her in on the scoop—not all bridal shower games have to be boring. With this list of unique and quirky ideas, you’re sure to have a blast at your bridal celebration.

Wedding movie charades

Label notecards with wedding movies (include classics, chick-flicks and a few obscure picks for a challenge). Get your group of gals into two teams. Players pick a card from the pile and act out a scene from that film without saying a word, while their team members try to guess the answer within a three-minute time limit.

Taste the cake

Eat cake and drink some bubbly. Have the host place several bite-sized cake pieces in different flavors on a bar and have the guests blindfolded. Whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins the game.

Guess whose underwear

Get to know your guests on a personal level. On the invites, ask each guest to bring underwear or lingerie gifts that match their personality and style. Hang a clothesline across the room and have everyone hang their underwear on as they arrive. The bride-to-be then has to guess who each gift is from.

Celebrity hubby

Act like a teenager again and talk about your dream boyfriend. Have each guest write the name of their celebrity crush on an index card. Toss all of the answers into a bowl and then have the bride dig through and match each card to each guest.

Bridal Pictionary

It’s Pictonary with a wedding twist. You just need the basic Pictonary items: pens and markers, an easel with paper, a bowl or other container and pieces of paper with wedding-related terms and phrases written on them.

Newspaper wedding dress

This is a different approach to the classic game Toilet Paper Wedding Dress. All you need is a weeks’ worth of the wedding announcement section of your local newspaper, glue, glitter and creative guests. Assign teams and give each a section of the wedding dress to make. In the end the bride-to-be will have a cute photo full of laughs and memories.

Cupcake decorating contest with a twist

Drop a ring into batch of cupcake mix. Keep the cupcakes undecorated and supply your guests with cupcake decorating items. Have your guests decorate the cupcakes, but do not let them know about the ring. Whoever has the prettiest cupcake wins a prize and then right before they take a bite of their creation, let them know whoever has the ring is next in line to be married!

He says / she says

Ask the bride and groom their thoughts on various subjects dealing with love and marriage and note down a selection of funny/random quotes from them. Then the guests get to guess whether the bride or groom said the quote.

The newlywed game

How much does the bride know about her groom? Before the shower, ask the groom a series of questions about their relationship. Then at the shower ask the bride the same questions to see how many answers she gets right.

True or false

How well do your guests know the bride? Hand out paper and pencils and tell guests to write down two true things that describe their relationship with the bride. Then tell them to write a lie. Have the papers read aloud and let everyone else weed out the lie.

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