The Rules of Engagement Part II

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Colored diamonds have also risen in popularity. Pink and yellow diamonds are being noticed on celebrities such as Carrie Underwood and Mariah Carey, and the sapphire has been made especially famous by Princess Diana and now—years later—again by Kate Middleton. “It’s just like any other type of fashion. [The jewelry and engagement ring industry] has really emerged with that fashion industry. Trends are occurring more frequently; they’re changing and adapting,” Caron says. Though colored gems are making quite an appearance on the red carpet and in local jewelry stores, Caron doesn’t foresee them taking over as the preferred stone. “Diamonds have always been and always will be the engagement ring of choice.”

Some brides who have chosen a traditional setting years ago are having their rings remounted or restyled while still keeping an aspect of their original ring. Different options include upgrading to a larger carat for an anniversary gift or having the original diamond reset in a more elaborate mounting.

Even with the newer trends coming about, Caron says that many brides still opt for the classic look mainly for sentimental reasons but also because these rings will never go out of style. However, many are updating the classic style with special details and hidden accents. Caron explains, “Some of the smaller details make it more unique but still keep it timeless.”

Pictured: LeVian Bridal Luxurious Color (top left) and LeVian Bridal Accidental Bridal (right)

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