How to Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony Site

Some brides have always dreamt of where they’ll get married, whether it’s outside, in a church or someplace full of memories. No matter where you choose to tie the knot, you often have to work with some of the decor that's already part of the venue. Check out some of these tips and reminders for taking your ceremony site from dull to darling.

Church Wedding

church wedding

Most churches have certain colors within their sanctuary that can’t be interchanged. For example, if your church has carpet, pay close attention to the color of the carpet in the aisle, which will be a focal point during the ceremony. An aisle runner is an excellent way to cover up a color that doesn’t fit your wedding. Look for other colors as well, such asstained glass or the color of the pews and other fixtures. Are they dark or light wood? Do they have a colored cushion that may clash with your color scheme? Will your pew bows match the cushions? Before deciding on any color choices such as flowers or other décor, be sure to take a very close look at your venue in person.


Outdoor Wedding

outdoor wedding ceremony

Of course the beach is a popular local wedding spot, but one of the biggest challenges with having events outdoors is decorating a designated space. Being outdoors means there are few places to hang decorations; however many wedding and event rental companies offer items like archways and columns that can help add beauty and charm to any location. A custom aisle runner can be very useful here, as it draws attention inward toward the ceremony, and creates a central point for the event. Notice the landscaping of the area, especially the flowers growing nearby, and inquire about what flowers might be growing around the time of your wedding, as many locations change out their gardens each season. It’s important to know what will be growing so that you can choose flowers for your ceremony to complement the natural landscape.


Hotel or Country Club Wedding

hotel wedding ceremony

Many large hotels have multiple spaces for ceremonies and receptions. Although you may not be able to change the basic color scheme, linens and floral arrangements can have a dramatic effect on a room. In this situation you will have control over the chairs and chair coverings, unlike you would with church pews.  This is an opportunity to select a palette that you like, while complementing your flowers or other colorful décor. If there is room in your budget, pipe and drape can be an excellent way to transform a room into a completely new and elegant space.


Check out some places around Hampton Roads that will help you transform your venue:

Elite Presentations

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Hampton Roads Event Rentals

Includes a host of décor items like arches, columns and other accessories to transform your ceremony space. Yorktown, Virginia. 757-890-4700.

Distinctive Event Rentals

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Isha Foss Events

Offers floral design and eventscaping. Virginia Beach, Virginia. 757-410-3436.

Etsy is also a great place to shop for custom wedding décor such as aisle runners and other accessories!

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