New Year, New You

It’s typical to begin a workout/healthy eating routine this time of year, but if this is your wedding year, you’ve mostly likely taken it to a higher gear than normal. It’s good to want to look great in your dress and happily sport that new bikini on your honeymoon as long as you do it the healthy and happy way. Here are some tips for getting fit, eating better and starting a routine that will last through the big day and well into the years of your marriage.

  • Make realistic goals. Losing 10 pounds? Go for it! Losing 70 pounds? It’s best to check with your doctor before setting such a high goal so that you can learn the healthiest way to go about losing weight. Also—no crash diets. They’ll just make you cranky, and then the weight will come back faster and stronger.
  • Join a gym. Or start a fitness routine at home or a class such as zumba, spin or yoga. Being active will not only help you to look better; you’ll feel better too, which is extremely important for you during this (somewhat) stressful year. Fitness Magazine shares tips for boosting your workout such as ways to work out during the workday, maximizing your crunches and super-sculpting your butt!
  • Eat healthy, but know that it’s OK to cheat. Whether you’re cutting carbs, boycotting booze or snubbing sweets, just remember that every now and then you will slip up. It could be a much-needed martini after a rough day at the office or maybe a bite of that sinfully rich chocolate torte your mom baked for your birthday. Allowing yourself to indulge every now and then is much better than cutting everything completely and then not being able to control yourself once you have your first post-wedding bite of freedom.
  • Eat smaller portions. If you’re unsure of the amount of food you should be eating, try this Portion Size Plate from WebMD. Eat slowly so that your body will recognize when you’re full. Try to refrain from having seconds.
  • Drink water. It may seem like a “duh” fact, but water is healthy for you. Aside from keeping you hydrated, it can help eliminate your hunger to keep you from snacking during the day. Plus it will help your skin look better, too. Not a fan of plain water? Try flavoring it with a squeeze of lemon or slices of cucumber.
  • You don’t have to be “skinny” to be pretty. The main reason to get fit for your wedding day doesn’t have anything to do with how your groom sees you or how much you want everyone to notice how good you look; it should be about reaching a goal that makes you feel beautiful. Step off the scale for a moment, and focus on what steps you need to take to make yourself happy in the year ahead.

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