Your Day, Your Way: Picking a Florist

As you plan your wedding, you will need to work with all types of vendors and it’s important to research the local options available.

As you pick everything out—from bridesmaid dresses to linens—you will need a florist to help you coordinate bouquets, boutonnieres, flower arrangements, flowers for your aisle and centerpieces. Here’s a guide to help you pick a florist—know what questions to ask and how to get exactly what you want.


Start looking for florists that are available in your area. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Meet florists at local bridal shows or ask your wedding venue who it typically works with. While you can look at stores online or by passing store windows, don’t judge too quickly—many florists have a portfolio of arrangements they have done for weddings that aren’t always reflected in the window bouquets or in online photos.


It’s a good idea to make appointments to meet with at least 2 or 3 different florists. Not only do you want to compare the actual arrangements, but you want to compare pricing, creativity and how comfortable you feel with him or her.

Questions to ask yourself as you meet with the florist:

  • Do you like the arrangements you see?
  • Do the flowers look fresh?
  • Do you feel comfortable explaining what you want?
  • Does the florist seem willing to work with your ideas?

Questions to ask the florist:

  • Do you have the date available?
  • Who will actually be designing the arrangements? Is it one person or a team of people?
  • Are you familiar with the ceremony and/or reception location?
  • Are the flowers you want in season? If not, are they suggesting other options?
  • Will you be able to see a sample centerpiece or bouquet ahead of time?
  • What are the costs? Are there delivery or setup fees?
  • Do you have any references or past wedding clients I could call for recommendations?


It never hurts to book your florist right away, but many brides book a florist 4–6 months before the wedding. You’ll need to have your reception and ceremony sites picked out and have an idea of how many arrangements you’ll need.

Don’t feel pressured to select a florist on the spot. Take all the information home, discuss it with your groom or family member, and take your time to make the decision.

Costs & Contracts

Once you’ve selected a florist, he or she will draw up a contract (oftentimes your bill). Read over everything and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Make sure you understand each arrangement that is being ordered, the time everything will be delivered and set up, and the total cost, including whether a deposit is due and if there is a fee to change something (such as adding a bouquet or centerpiece).

Keep in Mind…

The flowers you want may not be available during the time of year you’re getting married. Many florists can get the flowers, but not without extra costs, as the flowers may have to be shipped internationally. Share your ideas with the florist and see what other types of flowers he or she suggests. You may find a flower you love even more than your original idea.

If your wedding falls on a holiday that typically involves flowers, such as Valentine’s Day, be prepared that your florist may be extra busy or there may be an extra charge for the flowers.

Seasonal Flowers

While this list isn’t comprehensive, here are just a few flowers organized by season to give you an idea of what you might find available for your wedding.


Amaryllis • Aster • Calla lily • Cherry blossom • Chrysanthemum • Crocus • Daffodil • Daisy • Delphinium • Dogwood • Forsythia • Foxglove • Freesia • Gerbera Daisy • Gladiolus • Heather • Hyacinth • Hydrangea • Iris • Lilac • Lily • Orchid • Peony • Ranunculus • Rose • Snapdragon • Sunflower • Sweet pea • Tulip v Violet


Amaranthus • Aster • Chrysanthemum • Clematis • Cosmo • Dahlia • Daisy • Delphinium • Freesia • Gardenia • Gerbera daisy • Gladiolus • Heather • Hydrangea • Iris • Lily • Orchid • Phlox • Ranunculus • Rose • Snapdragon • Sunflower • Sweet pea • Veronica • Zinnia


Amaryllis • Aster • Bouvardia • Calla lily • Chrysanthemum • Cosmo • Cupid’s Dart • Dahlia • Daisy • Freesia • Gerbera daisy • Gladiolus • Goldenrod • Holly • Hydrangea • Iris • Orchid • Narcissus • Ranunculus • Rose


Amaryllis • Calla lily • Chrysanthemum • Freesia • Gerbera daisy • Iris • Orchid • Ranunculus • Rose

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