Your Day, Your Way: Wedding Registries...From A to Z

Registering can be a daunting task. You’re given a scanner and a store full of merchandise—where to begin? Where to end? Before you and your spouse to be go wild, check out these tips to help you register. We also included an A to Z guide of things to get your registry started.

Tips to Survive the Registry Process

1. Register early. As soon as friends and family hear the news and/or receive a Save the Date card, they will be wondering where you registered. It’s a good idea to start the registry early so your guests can get an idea of the types of items you’re looking for and get a sense of your style.

2. Make it a couple’s activity. While the groom may often feel like the wedding is all about the bride (brides, you know it’s true), the wedding gifts are for both of you. Pick some of the bigger items together and then make a point to each register for a few of your favorites.

3. Register for what you want. So many stores have registries that you don’t have to stick to traditional stores or traditional gifts. If camping equipment and electronics are things you both would really like, register for them! For couples who already have a lot of stuff (or not a lot of room), a honeymoon registry might be the way to go.

4. Be smart when you register. Because many people will shop off your registry, don’t fill your list with things you’re never going to use. If you’d prefer to register for casual dinnerware instead of china, go for it! You’ll get a lot more use out of things you’ll actually use.

5. Vary your prices. Be sure to register for items with a variety of prices. You will have some guests that will have no problem splurging on you, but you may have other guests who can only afford to spend a certain amount but still want to get you something you really want.

6. Register online. Even if you register at a local boutique or store, have at least one of your registries available online. Guests may need to place an order over the phone or online, especially if they not in the same city as you.

7. Update your registry. Revisit your registry every so often to keep it updated. You want to aim to have at least twice as many items on your list as guests at your wedding. If you have a shower and notice many of your items have been bought, you may want to add a few more things. You also need to check if something goes out of stock— you may want to replace it with another item.

8. Say thank you. Not only are thank you notes the gracious thing to do, but they let people know that you received their gift. This can be especially important when you have people ordering gifts online and shipping them straight to you.

A to Z – Things to Register For

Appetizer Plates
Baking Stone
Cast Iron Skillet
Espresso Machine
Hand Towels
Ice Cream Maker
Juice Glasses
Kitchen Scale
Loaf Pans
Mixing Bowls
Napkins/Napkin Rings
Oven-to-Table Bakers
Panini Grill
Red Wine Glasses
Stand Mixer
Toaster Oven
Utility Knife
Waffle Maker
Xbox (or your favorite electronic)
Yard items

Popular stores for wedding registries

Bed, Bath & Beyond



Crate & Barrel

Places to register in Hampton Roads

Simply Selma's (Virginia Beach)

The Globe (Virginia Beach)

Le Marche (Norfolk)

Bonus Tip: Do you and your spouse-to-be tend to disagree? Why not have a “veto policy”? Allow each of you to veto 3 items that the other picks. Make it nonnegotiable and three (or whatever number you pick) is all you get!

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