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You just got engaged—Yay!—but where to start? Attending a bridal show is a great place to gather inspiration and get a feel for what the area has to offer. Even if you’re not engaged or have been blissfully married for several years, a bridal show is still a day filled with fashion, friends and fun!

Hampton Roads Magazine presents Hampton Roads Bride’s Fall Bridal Showcase on Sunday, September 19, at the Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront. This show, which starts at noon, features local vendors and a bridal fashion show at 3 p.m. All brides are admitted free and tickets for all others are $5. 

Have a mother and a mother-in-law-to-be that can’t decide on anything? Bring them both! Have a group of friends who you want to ask to be your bridesmaids? This is a perfect way to spend some time together. Have a groom-to-be that wants to be involved? Tell him you couldn’t imagine going without him! 

A bridal show, while extremely helpful, can be overwhelming if you’re in the early stages of planning. In order to get the most out of the bridal show and survive with a smile, here are some tips:
>> Use the Buddy system. Remember in elementary school when you had a buddy to go places with you? Bring someone with you. It can be your mother, mother-in-law, sister, bridesmaid, friend or finance. They can help you collect information, give a second opinion and keep you company. And if anyone doesn’t seem convinced, dangle the promise of free cake (and count on the fact that many vendors will offer samples).
>>  Take advantage of the vendors. You will find businesses that cover every aspect of your wedding and even some you haven't thought of! If you plan on signing up with a lot of vendors, create an email account to use just for your wedding planning, which you can then cancel after you’re married. Just remember the vendors will contact you if you provide your information; however, sometimes this can lead to a great deal! 

Photo by Bill Murray

>> Jot it down. Bring a pen and notebook to jot down ideas, vendor names and anything else you can think of that might help you plan for your wedding. The best place to take notes is on each vendor’s brochure, but in case you don’t get a chance to snag one, a pen and pad can come in handy. 

>> Fashion from the front row. The fashion show allows you to see how different styles of dresses fit and flow on real women and there might even be some cute tux models for your single bridesmaid friends! To take advantage of the fashion show, splurge for reserved seating if available. Otherwise, you could spend more time saving a seat than being able to talk with vendors.

HR Bride 2009 Fashion Show

>> Enjoy yourself! At the end of the day, it’s all about you and nothing has to be decided in one day. You can take advantage of this day and line up vendors, or just spend the day out with your friends. But don’t forget to register for the raffle prizes! You may just be having fun, but why miss out on a basket of spa accessories or a trip for two!

Click here to see this year's poster: BRIDE SHOW FALL POSTER 2010sm

Check out Hampton Roads Bride for more details about upcoming shows. 

If you're a bride-to-be, register for free here!

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