Piece of Cake: Tissue Paper Poms


The Piece of Cake section of the Bride Blog will feature do-it-yourself ideas for your special day without costing you a lot of money.  

Tissue paper poms have been big for awhile now, but there's something airy and whimsical that keeps them in style. Not to mention they're easy on the budget.

I’ve seen Martha Stewart do some amazing things with tissue paper, but when I saw this cute idea to make tissue paper pom-poms, I decided this was something even I could handle. 

The instructions are outlined on Intimate Weddings’ blog, but I’m sometimes skeptical when I see these DIY ideas and wonder how many times they had to practice it before getting it just right. Some people are downright professional when it comes to crafting, but others (like me) are a more the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type. 


What You'll Need

So I decided to try my hand at making my own poms before I endorsed this idea for your upcoming reception, bridal shower or even post-wedding brunch.

And you know what? They worked!

I used 8 sheets of tissue paper (size varies depending on what size you want your pom to be), scissors and ribbon. Stack the sheets (8 sheets per pom), fold like a fan—accordion-style, and then tie the center with ribbon. Very gently, pull apart all the layers.

Granted these aren't up to Martha Stewart's standards, but with the right tissue paper colors and a little more practice, I see poms in my future. These are very basic poms, but with fancy scissors or spray glitter, there are plenty of possibilities to spruce them up.

My first attempt.



So now that I’m a pom-expert (at least on my way to be), I started thinking about what else you could do with poms and there are a lot of great ideas out there, from napkin rings to favors and from centerpieces to stemmed poms! 


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