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While your finance claims your wedding cake is for “both of you,” you know it’s really her cake—her day. But that shouldn’t stop you from having your personality shine when it comes to the sweet stuff. Perhaps the three-tiered cake covered in fondant lace and edible flowers doesn’t say “you.” Why not consider a groom's cake?   

The groom’s cake is a smaller cake usually displayed on a separate table during the reception. While it seems to be making a comeback, this tradition isn’t as new as you may think. No one is certain of its history, but some credit the southern states for making this a tradition in the 19th century while others declare its origins as far back as the 17th century.   

Today’s grooms' cakes are often a mix of an early tradition with a modern spin. Whether you want to do a simple fruit-filled or chocolate cake as a throwback to the early southern tradition or have the cake speak to your interests and hobbies, this is something you and your bride-to-be can discuss.   

If a groom’s cake is a go, check out these suggestions!   

For those grooms looking to go the more traditional route, many bakeries will help you create something as simple or as elaborate as you want. If you want simple, try a single-tier in your favorite flavors, like this German Chocolate cake from Sugar Plum Bakery in Virginia Beach.   

German Chocolate

If you're looking for something more eye-catching, LaChoclatier Bakery in Chesapeake can help you personalize the flavor, filling, icing and design. With cake flavors like Orange Grand Marnier and Strawberry Chocolate Marble and fillings like Mocha Mint Chip Chunk and Chocolate Butter Cream, the hardest part will be picking just one!   

Three-Tier Groom's Cake

Keep in mind that you shouldn't go wild if guests will be having some of your cake—beer-flavored icing may seem like a good idea now—but you should have some fun!  Let your personality shine through! For the golf-lovers out there, what better way to illustrate your love of the links than the gopher from Caddy Shack!  


(Photo credit: Bree Leyer)

  Any car-lover will immediately recognize this Impreza WRX-style cake. Your bride already knows you’d drive to the ends of the earth for her—now let her know that a custom car cake is exactly what you want!     

(Photo credit: Ben Teufel)

  For those DIY grooms (and brides), there are plenty of great cake recipes out there to choose from. I found a traditional recipe for a Chocolate Fudge Groom's Cake on Wilton's website, but I couldn't help being distracted by the look of this delicious Chocolate-Chocolate Cake, which would work just as well! 

Chocolate-Chocolate Cake


Whatever route you decide to go when it comes to your groom's cake—traditional, modern or over-the-top—make sure to contact a bakery or baker ahead of time and above all, let your personality shine through!

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