Behind-the-Scenes: Fierce Fashion Photo Shoot

As you start to plan your wedding, you probably realize by now all the hard work that goes on behind-the scenes to make your special day perfect. Here at HR Bride, we know exactly what you’re going through!
For our photo shoots, there are a ton of things that have to be done ahead of time. Our Style Coordinator, Pam Hopkins, runs the show and the rest of our team pitches in to help her pick the location of the shoot, coordinate models, photographers, stylists and staff members, and decide the overall theme. And that’s just the start of it! Once at the location, the stylists have to dress the models and add accessories, the hair and makeup team has to work its magic, the photographer has to set up for multiple shots and someone has to be in charge of lunch!

Whether you’re planning a photo shoot or hashing out the details of a wedding reception, ask nicely and your friends and family might just be willing to pitch in and help you with all the many details. For those wanting to plan a large ceremony and reception, hiring a wedding planner is also an option.

Here are a few of the behind-the-scenes things that went on for our Fierce Fashion feature photo shoot. Our location was a beautiful home in Suffolk. Keith Cephus was our photographer, and Elizabeth Paschall and Jason Fairbanks from Salon Vivace helped with styling.

See the final images online or in our Fall/Winter 2010 issue on newsstands now!

Pam Hopkins, and her style assistant, Kim Cuachon-Haugh, prepare the ground where the model is going to stand. This is especially important when working with outside elements.

Our photographer, Keith Cephus, tests the lighting with model Sarah Kaminski. Sometimes we have the perfect shot planned out in our head but need to rethink it or adjust when we actually get to the location.

Our model, Victoria Fifer, had to hold this pose until we got the shot just right. It’s a good think she has lots of upper body strength!

Elizabeth Paschall and Jason Fairbanks from Salon Vivace did an amazing job getting the models’ hair and makeup to look animal-inspired! Victoria was channeling the leopard and Sarah was getting ready for the bird look.

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