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Best of 2015

Cookie Text - An Edible Tweet

MapYorktown, VA 23693
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I can remember making chocolate chip cookies before I made any other kind of baked anything. I didn’t know you could use a mixer, so I stirred the mix with a wooden spoon and it took forever. I can remember more than once coming home from school, back when I was a 70 pound twig in middle school who didn’t know any better, and mixing up just butter and sugar in a bowl and eating it like that. Not even as civilized as eating cookie dough, I was eating pre-cookie dough.

I enjoy every step of the process. Especially putting a little bit of the dough aside in a tiny bowl for the boys to eat when they get off the school bus…In a house with three growing boys who have sports and music and school schedules to balance, a Cookie Cake was the obvious solution to bringing something homemade and personal that everyone would love to an event.

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