Metro's Happy Hour

"It's fruity, but it's also dangerous because you might have to have another one.” Our waitress left me warned, and I decided on their Bangarang cocktail.

During the my last visit to Metropolitan Oyster Exchange, no oysters were exchanged. For whatever reason I dodged the oyster menu and made a beeline for the dessert; I have this tricky sweet tooth that never stops.

Last week, my aunt was in town to watch my yorkie-poo, Teddy, while my husband and I were in Denver (Yes, she is the best.). To thank her, we treated her to dinner at Metro! When we arrived at 6:30 we were pleasantly surprised to find there were 30 minutes left of happy hour. It was time for an ordering marathon.

Fries ($4).

metropolitan oyster exchange fries

These golden, fried strands of goodness had the perfect balance of crispiness with a meaty bite. Dusted with chives and salt, they may appear like your average fries, but they go to a whole new level with their housemade dips. While they’re served with ketchup and spicy ranch, we asked for their sesame mayo—a little thing I picked up on at the previous visit with a friend. The sesame mayo is everything I look for when it comes to fry dipping. It’s nutty, and though its base is mayonnaise, it doesn’t taste overwhelmingly fatty like mayo can taste when it stands alone.

Fried Calamari ($8).

metropolitan oyster exchange fried calamari

Their calamari maintained the right amount  of crunch without being too breaded. It’s always a surprise to see what restaurants serve with their calamari. Metro drizzled theirs with a sweet chili sauce—a winning pair in my book.

Whitefish Spread ($5).

metropolitan oyster exchange whitefish spread

While our server described the spread as smoky, I tasted more fishiness to the dip than smokiness. Creamy and zesty, this simple spread was a nice addition to the other fried goods we had on the table.

Raw Oysters ($1/each).

metropolitan oyster exchange happy hour

The husband and I each ordered a dozen of their happy hour oysters. That night they were Hungar Creek oysters straight from Virginia’s Eastern Shore. These delicious little morsels were served with a mignonette, or a french dipping sauce made of vinegar and shallots, as well as with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges.

Happy hour beer, wine and cocktails are between $3–$6.

metropolitan oyster exchange bangarang

Though my cocktail wasn’t from the happy hour menu, it’s certainly worth the mention. The Bangarang is of rum, angostura bitters, grapefruit soda, blood orange shrub and pineapple. With an overall honeyed flavor along with lots of citrus punch, it was mighty refreshing—especially during all the munching. Sheesh, a happy hour dinner is no cake walk!

Aside from happy hour, Monday is Mixology Monday! Half-priced cocktails are served all night. Then, if you arrive before 7 p.m., there’s a lobster on display for you to guess its weight. If you guess correctly, the lobster becomes your dinner!

You now know where to find me on Monday nights.

Metropolitan Oyster Exchange is located at 972 Laskin Road in Virginia Beach. Happy Hour is from 5–7 p.m.

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