The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Local Peach Cobbler from Eurasia

Local peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream

Anne Leonard

My gal pal and I had one of our last dinners together before she heads back to school in California. Since we have a habit in celebrating belated birthdays we agreed to take each other out to Virginia Beach’s Eurasia for a farewell date. We ventured through each area of the menuan appetizer of beef tartare, a roasted beet salad, a side of lobster orzo "risotto" and tempura lobster mac and cheese with cavatappi and peas. Stuffed beyond belief, we requested the dessert menu. There was a white and dark chocolate torte, a sweet corn ice cream sandwich (featured at CoVa’s “Best Of” Party) and various homemade ice cream flavors among other sweet treats. In bidding farewell to another summer of adventures together, what better of a finale than dessert with one of the season's greatest gifts: peaches. Though appearing as one of the less extravagant choices, our night wouldn't have been complete without their local peach cobbler.

A delightfully potent vanilla bean ice cream was plopped in the middle of peach cobbler set in a ramekin. When I eat a layered dessert, I tend to sample each element individually before bringing them together. The presentation was subtle and sweet, with mint leaves garnishing the cobbler. It was a traditional cobbler with layers of gooey filling and peach slivers dispersed throughout. Yet, instead of the crust solely poured on top, the filling was layered between crust on either side making for a well balanced filling-to-crust bite. A dollop of ice cream sat in the middle melting down into the cobbler. The ice cream lent a refreshing escape from the gooey, hot layers of streusel topping laced between the crust and peaches.The streusel added another depth of sweet, an almost crunchy shell encasing the filling. A hint of cinnamon rolled off of each bite while still allowing the local peaches to take center stage. I kept returning to the ice cream to simmer the heat from the heart of the cobbler. Each layer melted together for one pleasing finale that truly defined summer.

 Peach Cobbler

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