Supper Southern Morsels

Supper Southern Morsels in Norfolk

Anne Leonard

It was 11 p.m., and I was on my second biscuit. My grandpa used to correct me when I was learning the difference between supper and dinner. “It's breakfast, supper, then dinner,” he instructed. At Norfolk's Supper Southern Morsels, it means any eats after 5 p.m. and as late as 2 a.m. After opening just over a month ago, the crowd at this upscale, southern comfort joint was in full swing.

Friday night meant a good wait, so we saddled up at the bar with a couple of cocktails before being seated, allowing us to get a feel for the downstairs bar and dining area. As recommended by My, a CoVa associate and friend, she insisted the drink to get is the Bourbon Mash served in an adorable copper cup. A sure sipper, bourbon was embellished with vanilla bitters, agave and mashed blackberry seeds. My husband, Cody, loves a good mouth-puckering whether it’s from Sour Patch Kids or his choice of beverage that night: Snowbird Ricky. It was a crisp cocktail of gin, vermouth and grapefruit bitters topped off with soda and a grapefruit wedge.

bourbon mash

 Snowbird Ricky

Veering from all comfort, we decided to kickstart our evening with Chicken Livers. Deep-fried then topped with pepper ketchup, the livers were chewy, lightly breaded with a slight pungency that was refreshing. If chicken and calamari merged, it would be Supper’s rendition of chicken livers.

chicken livers

For the main course, Cody wanted the Pan Fried Flounder, but since it had sold out he went with the Pan-Roasted Duck Breast. The bird was salty, fatty and darn-near delicious. Mixed among caramelized onions and sorghum vinaigrette, the duck was extremely juicy with a tinge of tart sweetness from the warm blueberries. Fans of crunchy frisée lightened up this rich dish.

Norfolk's Supper Southern Morsels

I figured why get one thing when I can get...well, everything? The answer to my ordering dilemma was a plate of their grilled corn with mac and cheese and a biscuit. The corn was grilled to perfection, lightly salted and slathered with roasted beef marrow butter.

grilled corn with mac n cheese

The mac and cheese was extra cheesy, cooked delightfully al dente. Served in a mini cast iron skillet, it was smoky with a crunchy layer of cheese on top, almost like it was broiled before serving. Don’t even get me started on the biscuit. Divinely fluffy with a pinch of salt, the biscuit had a nice balance of doughiness and flakiness—like it was made with a royal butter I can't obtain.

macaronia and cheese

Dessert is non-negotiable for me, especially when biscuits are involved. Our waitress told us that the pastry chef, Amber, is from New England so she “adds her awesomeness and sass into her biscuits.” Her statement sold me on the Strawberries and Biscuits. Doused in house made whipped cream with chilled strawberries folded in, the same majestic biscuit was now garnished with powdered sugar. Strawberry juice gushed out and was further sweetened by the snowy sugar.


Before leaving, we managed to get a quick peek at their charming rooftop patio and bar lit by strings of lights making for a magical setting beneath Downtown Norfolk’s night sky. Whether Supper serves you dinner or a late night snack, you’ll leave full of Southern goodness.

Norfolk Restaurant and bar 

Supper is open every day 5 p.m.–2 a.m. Visit their website or Facebook for more information.

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