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Sweet Potato Biscuit Special at Lizard Cafe

Anne Leonard

Tucked inside Downtown Norfolk’s Prince Books bookstore lies Lizard Cafe, a sister eatery to Leaping Lizard Cafe in the Shore Drive area of Virginia Beach. You’ll find an assortment of wraps, hefty sandwiches on homemade bread, a daily soup, salads and fresh baked treats. It’s a quaint nook in the bookstore; half the store is wall to wall in colorful books and more hushed, while Lizard Cafe bustles with the clatter of the lunch hour.

Each table was full with an equal amount of takeout traffic during Tuesday’s lunch hour. Luckily, my family and I snagged a suddenly vacant table. Not quite in the mood for just one item, the Sweet Potato Biscuit Special seemed to fit the bill, offering a little bit of everything: a leafy salad, a scoop of potato salad, fresh fruit, a sweet potato biscuit sandwich and their soup of the day. My family went the sandwich route, each served with a side of potato salad and fruit. I was able to score some bites and found the savory rosemary bread to pair well with oven-roasted turkey and sun-dried tomato mayonnaise as well as with melted mozzarella and provolone cheeses, a sort of grown-up grilled cheese. Heavenly? Yes, but I honed in on my own plate for some serious chow time.

sweet potato biscuit

The dense, sweet potato biscuit locked in a heaping layer of peach jam with salty, thinly sliced, Surry Ham. I chose their Signature salad tossed with red grapes, gorgonzola cheese, chopped walnuts and dried cranberries all doused in a lovely basil vinaigrette. Lizard Cafe prides themselves in using local ingredients from farms in Tidal Virginia, and it was evident. The greens were crunchy, fresh. The sweet potato biscuit sandwich with the Surry ham and peach jam was the perfect combination of sweet and savory. I even took the top layer of my sandwich to dip into the soup of the day—tomato. It was extra tomatoey, not creamy or weighed down by basil, just pure tomato and a dash of diced onions. The dollop of their potato salad tossed with dill, celery and a hint of mustard made for an unexpected twist to this favorite of a southern-raised gal. When I thought I’d visited each food group on my plate, I crunched into the crisp watermelon wedge for a juicy finale.

With fresh, local food and literature at your fingertips, Lizard Cafe offers the coziest lunch combination. Ready yourself for huge portions with prices kind to your wallet.

Lizard Cafe

Lizard Cafe’s hours vary, so make sure to call ahead of time or check out their Facebook page.

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