The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Lubo's Baked Prosciutto and Chèvre

Lubo's Wine Bar And Cafe

Anne Leonard

Lubo Wine Bar & Cafe is just one of the many treasures of the Pleasure House area in Virginia Beach. I met a friend for happy hour, and with every happy hour comes delicious nibbles to accompany the pours. Goat cheese is one of those no-sweat ingredients that can go simply baked and drizzled with honey to a more savory route with every topping you could imagine. When I didn’t think goat cheese could have been decked out even further, I met Lubo’s version—a goat cheese appetizer dressed to the nines.

Since my friend was new to the Lubo scene, I had to have her taste their Baked Prosciutto and Chèvre plate. It had been a year since the appetizer and I had crossed paths, and I was ready to chow down...almost second guessing myself for offering to share my secret.

Baked Prosciutto and Chevre from Lubo

First, break off a piece of their warm baguette. Armed with a butter knife, slice through the prosciutto-wrapped chèvre, taking some away to smear it across the flaky bread. You'll probably snag some basil slivers along with it since it's embedded beneath the cheese gob. Swiveled across the plate, you’ll find balsamic reduction and a pool of olive oil to slather on, then finish the bite off with a caramelized, roasted garlic clove. Hea-ven-ly. The sweet-seeming garlic paired with creamy chèvre and balsamic reduction almost qualifies for dessert in my book.

Alongside the prosciutto-chèvre plate, we shared a delectable Portobello Pizza Trio. Three grilled portobello mushrooms sat on a plate topped in an assortment of combinations like salami and cheese, roasted red peppers and cheese and spinach with cheese. Some could say we were cheesed out, but for two gals who often accept cheese as its own food group, this was all fine and dandy for us.

Portobello Pizza Trio Lubo

Between bites, I sipped on a wine flight, courtesy of their Tuesday special offering $5 tastings of their seasonal wines. I sampled Willowglen’s Port, Le Clos’ Red and Rock and Vine’s Chardonnay. Each were exquisite, especially paired with our noshes.

Happy Hour Wine Tuesdays Lubo

Lubo Wine Bar & Cafe is open Monday–Sunday during varied hours, so visit their website for more information and weekly specials.

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