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Hashi Hash from Hashi Food Truck

Anne Leonard

Forget everything you’ve heard about hash. If you’re imagining hash as a can-shaped gooey piece of mystery meat, you won’t find anything like it out of the Hashi Food Truck. As a true morning person—or maybe just a true hungry person—I’m eating right when I wake up at sunrise, even on the weekends. I stumble over to the kitchen, heat up my oatmeal that I’ve of course prepared in bulk to get me through the week and brew French press coffee. Now, I’ve always spotted the Hashi Food Truck at the Old Beach Farmer’s Market in Virginia Beach, marked by neon letters against an overhang signaling to market-goers that breakfast is hot and ready. But despite all of the delicious smells fluttering past the vendors’ tents, I've already gone about my morning routine, satiated by the time I reach the market. This past Saturday I dampered the hunger pangs as I trekked to Old Beach on an empty stomach. Hashi specializes in Southern and Asian-inspired cuisine speaking straight to the heart—and the hunger—of this proud Kentucky-raised, Asian-American gal.

Hashi Food Truck

The husband and I ordered the Hashi Hash and the Which Came First, Chicken or The Egg and washed it all down with one of their thirst-quenching, fall-defining housemade apple lime spritzers.

Hashi Food Truck Apple Lime Spritzer

With the sun at our backs and multiple cute puppies to pet, we didn’t mind the long line. Nonetheless, our food was ready in a jiffy. The Hashi Hash revealed chunky pork fried rice, caramelized onions, potatoes and a mix of field peas all surrounding a slow-poached egg that I opted to add on for only a dollar extra. The caramelized onions were jam-like, sweet next to the salty pork fried rice—the definition of comfort food. The crunchy field peas offered an overall freshness, brightening up both the dish and palate. Generally the heat was mild, but you have the option of amping it up with a selection of hot sauces on their bar next to the window.

Hashi Hash

The Chicken or The Egg was served with white rice, a slow-poached egg, housemade pickles and a generous helping of free range chicken braised with a swarthy pasilla-honey-miso sauce. Sweet potatoes and fall squash also contributed an overall heartiness to the dish. The fancy sauce was barbecue-esque and smoky translating a sweet heat. While the typical over-easy egg allows no option but to drench your plate, the slow-poached egg was unique in that the yolk didn’t spill into the dish. Instead, it held back, staying in the hardened white waiting to be pried. The pickles were the perfect accompaniment to the dish, sealing this rice bowl into one quintessential breakfast.

Hashi Food Truck The Chicken or the egg

As a girl who loves her breakfast food and her fair share of Asian cuisine—because, well—Hashi fits the bill and is worth putting off breakfast, and maybe lunch while you’re at it.

Hashi Food Truck Bay Bites Blogger Anne Leonard

Hashi Food Truck parks at various locations, so visit their Facebook or Twitter to track them down for your next meal!

Hashi Food Truck The Chicken or The Egg

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