Waffletina at The Birch

Coco Lemmings and Marjorie's Heartbeat are just two of the addictive signature waffle selections from Waffletina's pop-up waffle shop.

Anne Leonard

Ah, waffles and beer—a match made in heaven. Every first Sunday of the month, The Birch in Norfolk’s Chelsea Business District partners with Waffletina boasting a brunch that can’t be beaten. When I visit The Birch, I typically grab an obscurely-named imported beer and a cheese board or locally-made goat cheese truffles. But with Norfolk pop-up shop Waffletina taking over, I was waffle-minded.

I met up with a couple of my favorite people—my husband, Cody, and good friend, My—on Sunday morning for brunch and of course the brews to accompany. We arrived just after it kicked off at 11, and the line was already at the door. As a newbie to Waffletina pop-ups, I was star-struck, marveling at the assortment of fun toppings that hadn’t yet crossed my waffle paths. Toppings like pulled pork, plum chutney or pepper relish got me all giddy. The conundrum I often encounter when going out for brunch is which side I’m on—lunch or breakfast—and now I added, “And with what beer?” The answer to the first question was simply answered by sharing bites from my friend’s waffles so I didn’t really have to choose. The latter was answered by the fact that a coffee stout will pair with everything in my book, even more so with a waffle.

Waffletina Menu

We placed our orders—Imperial Plum, Marjorie’s Heartbeat and Coco Lemmings. Our beer decisions were unanimous: three pints of Founder’s Breakfast Stout on Nitro, please! Already a lover of Founder’s original Breakfast Stout, The Birch’s Nitro offering did not disappoint. It was ultra creamy, toasty and chocolatey—everything I long for in a beer.

Waffletina at The Birch Founder's Breakfast Stout on Nitro The Birch Founder's Breakfast Stout

Cody and My went for the savory waffles. His was the Imperial Plum piled high with plum chutney, layers of prosciutto, thick slices of mozzarella, arugula and a balsamic glaze to finish it all off.

Waffletina Imperial Plus

Her Marjorie’s Heartbeat waffle was packed with incredibly juicy, vinegar-laden, shredded corned beef with ruby kraut, Swiss cheese, a zesty Russian dressing and Dijon. Each of their waffles came with a sort of “topper waffle” in case you wanted to chow down sandwich style like the guy at the table next to us did.

Waffletina Marjorie's Heartbeat

My Coco Lemmings waffle was definitely the sweetest one of the bunch. Toasted coconut sprinkled over top the fluffiest lemon cream and frosting while tart blueberries offset the otherwise beige waffle. It was hard for me to share.

Waffletina Coco Lemmings

Waffletina’s waffles may not be what you’re used to, but once you try them they’re all you’re going to want in a waffle. They’re known for crafting the beloved Belgian liège waffle. Crispy though incredibly dense, their caramelized biscuit-like waffles are embedded with sugar crystals resembling chopped sugar cubes.


The loveliest smells of butter and beer lingered as we left brunch with our bellies full, highly expectant for next month’s waffle and beer brunch.

Waffletina and Founder's Breakfast Stout on Nitro

Waffletina has pop-up events all over Norfolk. Visit their Facebook page to find out where they’ll be next!

Waffletina at The Birch

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